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  1. Randy Whoever was running that side match should not have allowed you to shoot your BB gun. TN Williams you know you’re not suppose to eat nanner splits. They do affect your thought process. Whiskey
  2. Widder,Capt Bill,Branch Looking forward to seeing all of you guys at TN State. Widder just seemed to be some doubt in some the threads if the correct call was made. Just thought I would point out how the rule could be misinterpreted and how the misinterpretation could be resolved. I had to eat a very late lunch here at desk and I've run out of time to drag it out any further. Dang got mustard on my keyboard. Whiskey
  3. However, if there is a range failure (props, timer, RO’s) that is beyond the competitor’s control, a reshoot may be granted. Branch, this is what you posted. A failure that is beyond the shooter's control. By shooting the rifle last did the shooter influence the timer? Something nobody has brought up is benefit of the doubt goes to the shooter. Nobody really knows why the timer failed in the OP regardless of what the shooter did. I would have given a reshoot. Hope I didn't increase your indigestion. Whiskey
  4. Branch Your hypothetical isn't the same as OP. Poor stage design is out of the shooter's control. Big shooter small TO is out of shooter's control. Shooter has control over shooting guns in the correct order. Shooting rifle last can/does create timer issues. Both calls require looking at what the shooter has control over and what he doesn't. Whiskey
  5. Creeker I do agree with your goal. Video ok, painted targets between shooters ok. Now here is the but. Pro sports have multiple cameras with pros operating them. If you look at the reviewed calls over 60% is call on the field stands. That means video evidence is inconclusive. Now we’re talking about one amateur probably using a cell phone. Won’t help with subjectivity. Then the painted targets. A lot of clubs shoot on ranges on a shared firing line. Not practical for all clubs. The best way to eliminate subjectivity is at the club level. It is tough on a club
  6. Just got back on the wire. Phantom in Creekers OP he actually states "eliminating subjective calls".
  7. Yes but each SASS affiliated club must apply for CMP membership each year
  8. I’m trying to figure out what action game/sport doesn’t have subjectivity in calls. A lot of them have big bucks on the table also. Whiskey
  9. This is a picture of the AD laying on top of the Bond. Hinge pins are lined up.
  10. I have an AD in 38 and a Bond Mini in 45. The AD is a very nice gun and does resemble the original Remington. With the AD you must remember to manually set the safety on before closing the gun. The safety automatically disengages when cocked. The AD I have only hits half the top firing pin with the hammer shuttle. It finally broke and wouldn't fire the top barrel. Ordered a replacement part and it only engages half the top firing pin. I have examined 2 other AD 38"s at gun shows and they had the same issue. However it is a beautiful gun and I had mine engraved by Kelley Lassiter and
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