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  1. I've had the privilege of handling a Widder Magic Henry with the Slater trigger. I can say it is the finest .22 I've ever handled. I own a 9422 and have had a couple of the BL22's and Widder's .22 puts them all to shame. I did ask Widder to work on my 9422 and he snickered. I still like my 9422 because it is a real Winchester. I own a 9417 which is a fine gun but it actually isn't a Winchester by purest standards but I like it. Rambled a little bit, back on subject. If you ever have the chance to get a Henry Widder 22 my advice is jump on it like a frog on a fly. Whiskey Hayes
  2. Williams I saved you from the P but you need to look around at the spotters. If your spotters are 89 year old you need to slow down just a second. Your guns sounded like one shot, you don't even know if you hit them all. The only way we knew you fired all 20 rounds is when the ULT officer told us in fact you unloaded so fast don't think he was real sure. Whiskey
  3. You need to remove each side plate lock. One screw is at the hammer. You'll need to cock hammer to get a screw driver on this screw. Another lock plate screw is at the butt stock end of lock plate. This screw has a threaded tube going through the butt stock and is threaded to the screw on the opposite lock plate. I always use 2 screw drivers to remove at least 1 of these screws. These screws are very small with a very shallow slot. Easy to strip if screw driver bit does not fit. There is also a screw hidden by thumb latch release lever on top. You'll need to push latch release to see this screw. Think I covered all the screws you didn't mention. Whiskey
  4. This is a picture of the AD laying on top of the Bond. Hinge pins are lined up.
  5. I have an AD in 38 and a Bond Mini in 45. The AD is a very nice gun and does resemble the original Remington. With the AD you must remember to manually set the safety on before closing the gun. The safety automatically disengages when cocked. The AD I have only hits half the top firing pin with the hammer shuttle. It finally broke and wouldn't fire the top barrel. Ordered a replacement part and it only engages half the top firing pin. I have examined 2 other AD 38"s at gun shows and they had the same issue. However it is a beautiful gun and I had mine engraved by Kelley Lassiter and put real elephant ivory grips on it. Very beautiful river boat gambler gun now. The Bond Mini 45 is about the same size as the AD. The Bond Mini has shorter barrels and is slightly heavier. Recoil on the 45 Colt Mini is stiff but controllable. I'm going to order 38 barrels for it. With the rebounding hammers you don't have to engage the safety before closing the gun. But with the Bond it is manual on and manual off safety. I haven't encountered a weakness with the Bond. The Bond might come with the competition kit installed but I still cut 2 coils off the main spring to improve hammer pull. The Bond still fires reliably. Shooting a 16" plate target at 5 yds isn't an issue with either gun. Barrels do shoot to different points of impact on both guns but not enough to be an issue at 5 yds. I do prefer the Bond Mini over the AD. I do like derringers and have shot both of mine a lot but not in competition. I just shoot them at the range plinking etc. sometimes as many as 200 rounds through each gun. I will take some pictures of the guns side by side. Never have posted pictures before but if I can't figure it out I will email pictures to folks that know how. Whiskey
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