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  1. Great powder meters like melted butter. Very versatile powder for our game. Go to shootersworldpowder.com to get the smokeless load data. I attached the manual in another thread.
  2. That’s why I sent the smokeless reloading manual so everyone would know which powder was being discussed.
  3. Jake Go to shootersworldpowder.com for their complete reloading manual. It does not list 45 Schofield. A good starting point would be a mid-range 44 special load. I've been shooting it for 4 years in 45 Colt with a 180gr bullet. With Clean Shot you can find a load that works well in pistol and rifle. No need to load two different loads. Clean Shot is a Lovex powder Lovex number DO32. There is only one Clean Shot powder not 2 as stated previously. It is also a very good shotgun powder. You could also contact Scarlett Darlin. Scarlett might have already worked up a Schofield load if you want to stick with Schofields. I attached the Shooters World load manual. Whiskey Shooters-world-reloading-manual-12-16-16.pdf
  4. Well actually planning for next year has been going on for about 6 weeks. I call this my over lap shooting season. Makes it tough but gives me an excuse for shooting so poorly.
  5. I’ve had the pleasure to spend many hours with Charlie on the range. He is a truly an exceptional cowboy. Very wise, intelligent and had a vision for the Wartrace Regulators and SASS.
  6. Well TN my friends have honored me twice by putting me up on a stool while they were all cheering, shouting, holler'en etc. Then they put a necktie on me made out of a rope. I was extremely humbled both times. Don't know how it happened but the stool came out from under me both times and the cheering and shouting just got louder. Both times when my kicking slowed down the rope was cut and the crowd seemed disappointed that the festivities were over. I truly loved being honored and recognized but I think I have been honored enough. I always recommend someone else to be recognized/honored now by my friends. The good news is I'm an inch taller and the pinched nerve in my neck don't hurt no more. My favorite elixir did ease the pain from the rope burn.
  7. Things are different this year. Randy worked cheap just needed a little cold medicine about every other week due to a scratchy throat. I can get his favorite elixir very cheaply (free).. Randy went lame and handed the reigns over to TW. My DQ bill has gotten so high I've started taking TW's banana split boats out of the trash and refilling them with ice milk and bananas from Kroger's. His vision has gotten so blurry from all the sugar, targets had to be pulled in quite a bit or so he thinks. Please don't tell him any differently till he gets finished. There is more to this story but TW is texting me now from the range wanting to know where his spits are. Says he is feeling very weak. Please want somebody help me find a worker that only has a scratchy throat every other week. Headed to Kroger's now.
  8. Just bring a photo ID, SASS membership card and money. I know a friend of a friend with a cousin that can get you in.
  9. All shooter books are online at Wartrace regulators.com
  10. I done eat the pudding and took a whoopin for it.
  11. Jack Daniel's and George Dickel are good suggestions along with Pritchards Distillery if you have the time. You will spend about 1/2 a day at JD. Another spot of interest very close to the range is the Blockade Runner. It is a civil war reenactment store with true authentic reproductions. It is a nice place to browse. The Bell Buckle Cafe is an excellent suggestion. Another good place is Miller's Grocery it is a cafe not a grocery store. Millers is just up the rode from Bell Buckle.
  12. TN you can try to stop them good ole boys but I’m not. EP will think you’re a tv. RR will have the Secret Service and we all know JW don’t no help from anybody.
  13. Now I understand why he moves so fast when the TO is behind him. Whiskey
  14. Who is rounding 3rd and headed to Wartrace.
  15. We will raise our glasses high and tell Mona Corona goodbye.
  16. I didn’t buy a weather rock even though it’s a fantastic piece of technology. I’m outside so much my head is my rock. I will say Widder has taught Slater very well. I left last year with 3 guns, no money and a lot of explaining to do when I got home.
  17. Don’t know when SASS approved the Big Boy. Might have been shot in a local monthly before SASS approved. I haven’t seen a Big Boy shot in a match in a very long time.
  18. Henry Big Boy was introduced in 2003. 17 or 20 years it’s been around for lengthy time.
  19. Scarlett has great bullets, powder, loaded ammo, hugs and custom molded ear plugs. She is a faithful supporter of the TN SASS State Championship. We certainly appreciate what she does for us and all SASS shooters.
  20. This thread got me to thinking. Looked back in time at my files, been writing all our club stages for 13 years. Dang how stage writing has evolved. I personally think it has been a good evolution. Instead of spelling out each movement the shooter makes now the shooter has a lot of thinking to do on each stage. Which gun to start with, where to stage them, what is the best movement for this stage. A lot of times once the stage is thought through there might only be one way to shoot the stage. Best way to shoot the stage discussion takes place on each stage. This discussion time helps build comradery versus listening to a long stage story. Stage stories use to be half a page long or longer in a monthly match now just a couple of sentences is enough to stir the shooters imagination. I always have start lines posted at all the starting positions on each stage doesn't matter to me if they use my start line are their own. We're all there to enjoy the day shooting with old or new friends fast or slow. I agree SASS has an abundance of good every day people but this isn't unique to SASS. All successful organizations have an abundance of good every day people. Even during these turbulent times the USA is primarily populated by good every day people.
  21. I’ve heard a rumor Uncle Jack will be in attendance again this year.
  22. This is a picture of the AD laying on top of the Bond. Hinge pins are lined up.
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