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  1. DDB Leather X 2 http://ddbleather.com/stock-covers/
  2. Congratulations Doc. I enjoyed our visits at the hotel. Hope to see you next year.
  3. CYA tomorrow Yul. Pete and I are heading out at o'dark thirty
  4. SKB 100 12GA. Full factory engraving, Never used for CAS. I received this gun May 16 from Goatneck Clem with intensions of it being a backup for my main match SKB. I've changed my mind. 22" barrel, larger front bead, 13 3/4" LOP, factory recoil pad. A few minor safe dings. Excellent condition. SOLD PM me If interested, and I'll provide my cell phone contact.
  5. I had the pleasure of meeting Clem this year at Winter Range. We were on the same posse, and now I understand why such an outpouring of love, and respect is being afforded him. A true gentleman.
  6. If the AAA hulls are still available I would like 300. Will meet up with you at the swap meet.

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    2. Ramblin' Rose SASS #2811

      Ramblin' Rose SASS #2811

      Buck, sorry we did not meet up. I just found this message today.

      Ramblin' Rose


    3. Buck Garrett

      Buck Garrett

      Howdy Rose, I'm at winter range, and I have 500 AA hulls for you. It would be great if we could meet somewhere (main tent street entrance) then I won't have to haul them into the swap meet with all my other stuff.



      949 680-0050 cell

    4. Buck Garrett

      Buck Garrett

      No problem. A cowboy on our posse bought them.

  7. Is there 1 trigger or 2?

  8. Sincere condolences to family, and friends. I was looking for Randy at our match Saturday. It was always fun shooting with Masalto. He will be missed.
  9. Yea! we're dialed in. Wendy did well in SLO town. Did Moon Dog, and Moon Star go?

  10. did you do the facebook? did wendy find ya?

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