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  1. I agree. I'll try to curb my political entries and keep things on a lighter level.
  2. You were gone? Who knew? Seriously, pard, I'm happy you're back and that you had a good trip.
  3. Had to read that one a couple of times before I got it, but I finally said it out loud.
  4. FDR was president when I was born, KID! Some one asked Truman if he ever regretted any of his decisions and was told "No. I always made my decisions based on the best information I had at the time, and looking back on the ones that didn't turn out right was a waste of time because I couldn't change any of them."
  5. I think Truman was a man who did what he had promised to do when he took the oath of office. He was great president because of that alone and he was the only Democrat president I ever had any use for.
  6. Wade Agoe Belle Tower Val N. Tyne Holden Back Holden Onn Val U. Pack Mason Jarr
  7. I have one of those and it works great if you aren't in a hurry. Drive it with a brass or rawhide mallet.
  8. Yeah, That leaf isn't big enough!!!
  9. That is one sad looking horse. Horses deserve better owners.
  10. Cats have throughout history been on the stinky end of the stick. They were accused of being agents of evil and murdered by thousands, especially in Europe. They got their due when so many humans died because they had killed the "cure" for the Black Plague. In every war in Europe cats and dogs have suffered from man's inhumanity and stupidity. Humans weren't the only victims of bombs, artillery, raging fire, famine, poison gases, and so many other causes of death. And yet, both cats and dogs (and many, many other beings) have remained friendly toward those who have destroyed so many of these animals (as well as other humans) and become companions of great value. This just goes to prove that God is a forgiving diety and that some of his creations are closer to his model than so many of us are.
  11. Glad to see young folks doing something beside trying to destroy our way of life. If I were younger I might even consider becoming a "boxer" myself.
  12. I also have some faux ivory Eagle grips for my pair of Uberti 1860 Army sixguns. I hade my firebird totem scrimshawed into them by Rachel West. They are a bit too white for my taste but seem to be just right for most folks who see them. The best faux ivory I ever saw were paper micarta "one piece" ( you glued three pieces together) by the folks that make Tyler T-Gips. Had to fit and finish them myself. They stopped making them almost 40 years ago, but they had the right grain and aged perfectly.
  13. I got some Altamont "double diamond" grips for my Government .380 Colt that are "bonded ivory" and as white as snow. I "weathered" them a bit to highlight the pattern and they don't look quite as white now. They are for fancy occasions, you know "tuxedo time" so I have an identical pattern in walnut for every day (also Altamont) and the original black plastic grips for field carry. (Does it seem like I pamper this gun a lot? Well it is my favorite light carry piece.)
  14. Cosmo Paulitan Stone Mason Brick Mason Hal O'Ween Lotta Payne Ted E. Baer Dee Fender Moore Layter
  15. My daughter called her cats "parlor panthers"
  16. She would have been better off if she'd shot him the second he'd rushed her
  17. If you took all the men and women in the world and laid then end to end you'd be doing it wrong. (My dad)
  18. Got it. I love this site, Thanks, Alpo.
  19. Absolutely! Send me a message with details....and thanks, my friend. I don't drink a lot of coffee any more and that will likely hold me a year or two.
  20. I was an English major and taught this stuff for awhile and I simply don't give damn. Howzat grab ya?
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