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  1. Did it with fork. Mom kept that fork for years.
  2. "Time's fun when your having flies" Kermit.
  3. Ah c'mon. I haven't had breakfast yet and you just ruined my appetite.
  4. Get his butt off the screen and bring back the blonde
  5. Don't mess with perfection, Horace. You and Titus A. Gnatsass are tied for the best aliases ever. Besides, too many of us could proudly claim Stands With Difficulty (I for one) or any number of similar aliases.
  6. I agree. I HATE pumpkins, squash of any kind and watermelon. Go Gumbo, GO!
  7. Yes 'tis. If I had ever lost my sense of humor I'd be dead now.
  8. I can do that. I can stare at some guy with muscles.
  9. My son has one of those shields. He'd NEVER use it for that.
  10. I love the voices in my head. They come up with some really wonderful stuff. WHEEEEE!
  11. Sounds familiar. I'm boogered up so much that there's a very cherished a spot on my left wrist he size of a dime that I look every day. It's the only place on my entire body body doesn't hurt
  12. If he's got a rifle you've got a problem.
  13. That first little dude look a lot like the axlotl that lives in our local public library. Scarce as a eyebrows on eggs.
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