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  1. Next time you go to red Lobster take me along. I don't much care for lobster, but most of the rest of their meals are excellent...and I can eat their biscuits by the peck.
  2. So do I but so damn few stores carry most of what I want. I just used my Amazon points for the first time. Wranglers dress slacks....no cost. Scheduled to be delivered on the 9th. Couldn't find any at all locally An electric fireplace (space heater with a bit more class): $147.00 list. I paid $26.50 S&H, but nothing for the heater. To be delivered a week from today. Never saw one in real life.
  3. Ruth Buzzi is one of the most pleasant people I have ever met...and she's about a big and a nickel's worth of peanuts.
  4. at's so "po' folks" can be classy, too. We were poor (by some peoples' standards) but Mom would have died of embarrassment if we had looked like that. Patched and repaired was okay. That meant you were unable to buy better. Worn out, full of holes (cut, slashed, torn, or worn through) meant you or your mother were lazy or inept).
  5. That's only funny if you've never done it yourself...and just never you mind how I know.
  6. Thta would have been me if I were a dog Have fun, Kratu. Have fun.
  7. So is every other living creature on earth, a great many plants, and more than a few rocks, dust, and sand.
  8. I had a Cooper .36 Navy double action. I traded it to Ray Taylor, owner of The Flintlock, for a Whitney Burgess .45-70 rifle. The rifle was later stolen and I wish I had both of those guns back. Both were solid 85% guns and the little Cooper was a lot of fun to shoot....except it had to be de-fouled after almost every cylinder was fired. The big Whitney was one of the first lever action .45-70 rifles and was very accurate considering the crude sights.
  9. I was told that it was a Dixie cup when out friend's son came home from the pacific with his friends in 1946 or1947. I was about five years old and have called them Dixie cups ever since. Once in awhile I've heard the called Popeyes, too.
  10. He may have simply busted a gas line with his flare gun. Please tell us this idiot didn't survive.
  11. I had a little dog, one of the most lovable, peaceful, and pleasant creatures ever.....but she hated that insult to her person and she fought it every time. She lived almost 17 years and never quit fighting the thermometer until the end.
  12. Would you want one of those curs beside you in a hole during a battle? That was my argument when my Mom told me they should send all the hippies and druggies to be beside me in 'Nam.
  13. Finally got through........to a parent company switchboard. Another ten minutes to get a very nice young lady who is dumber than a gob of spit and though her English was pretty good I'd bet her native tongue isn't English. After a bunch more time I finally hung up. I'll still buy their product, but I have no emotional ties left to it
  14. I have lost so many over the years....and it never gets easier. Be thankful for her time with you.
  15. Last movie I saw in a theater was Star Trek Insurrection.........years ago! I don't like theaters and can usually find a DVD (or several dozen) that I want want at my local public library.
  16. That's just EVIL!!! Putting that much pastry where a fat guy can see it should be illeg....ah, crap! I'll take a half dozen maple bars and an apple fritter.
  17. Best solution. No politics being taught in a college. Not putting up with communist ideolgy. Not having to tolerate the idiotic people who think this will work. More fun. Less money. One more idiotic "we know better than anyone else" group of self-important proplr that will not / should not / must not exist.
  18. I got a library card when I first moved here. The Last four digits of my account number are the same as the last four of my phone number....which I got three years later. Not many coincidences in my life, though. Not any that were worthy of remembering.
  19. My Mom's family were mostly Italian. Mom couldn't say "good morning" if her hands were full or otherwise encumbered. The Irish are also similarly into hand talking.
  20. A friend turned me on toCommunity Coffee out of Baton Rouge. Seems expensive until you realize it come in a 32 ounce bag. I'm told it has a dab of chicory in it but I can't taste it. Keep it refrigerated and it will serve you for a long time. It's really good.
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