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    Well, I will most definitely counter Mr Brules and Mr Chato's opinions ~ which I personally find to be unduly harsh, but to which they are most definitely entitled. I have worked with many members of the faith, both professionally and in volunteer positions with Scouts. By and large, I find them to be honorable, hard working, devoted to faith, family, and country, generous, and, believe it or not, accepting. More so than some... If the "bicycle boys" happen to stop by, if you're not interested merely advise them of such and they'll be on their way. However, the few times I've been visited (usually when I'm outside working on projects), I would let them know I'm "otherwise committed," then we'd have delightful conversations about any manner of things including hunting, fishing, Scouts, life experiences, and, usually surprising to them, mutual acquaintances. The religious views and practices may differ from others faiths, but hey - views and practices considered different by some are certainly no limited to LDS. By the way - I survived seventeen years married to a Catholic. Oh... and I have family who are LDS... Catholic... Methodist... Lutheran... I'm the sole Baptist.
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    I had a couple of Jahovah's witnesses come over and knock the other day. They asked if I minded them coming in and talking for a spell. I said sure and had them set on the couch while the bunkhouse boss brought us all some sweet tea. Once we'd all had a swaller, I asked them what they wanted to talk about. They looked at each other, and then back at me and one of em said "we don't know sir, we've never been this far before." I know, but I just couldn't help it
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    Breaking news! Darrell Wallace found white sheets in his hotel room!
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    Yep, that was done up by my great granddad. James Williams back in 1882. He worked on it for 2 or 3 years. Widder helped him every day after school let out.
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    It’s irrelevant to this conversation that she is cute, unless you have pictures.
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    If you like, I can send you a couple of Southern Baptists.
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    Found on Facebook
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    I was born a Mormon but haven't been active for many years. My "mission' was to SEA to fight Godless communism when my age bracket came up. The missionaries and what we used to call "home teachers" come (came before COVID BS stopped them) still are welcome and some have become close friends. My sister's husband went on a mission to The Netherlands when he was 19 and since they married they have been on two other missions as a team. The "home teachers" still drop by just to check on me from time to time. BTW, the Jehova's Witnesses are still welcome here too, and a jewish man and his family stop be on occasion.
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    I hear the manufacturer of these is going into overtime production and ANTIFA is having special events to award them.
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    A drop of oil on the gate pivot point and where you see the gate spring can really help here. OLG
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    Coulda gone a month or six without that
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    I don't know how to post from Facebook, but somebody posted a pic. Bubba finally found a Corporate sponsor, Genie Garage door opener.
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    Got the referral done for the cancer center in Farmington NM. Appointment in 2 weeks. We plan on hitching the mules to the wagon and headin home on Monday! Colorady or Bust! 1,932 miles. Faugh A Ballagh!
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    For years my coyote resided on my wall. Today picked up 9 point my daughter got last thanksgiving and he ran off my coyote and took her place.
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    Nothing says, ‘historical ignorance’ quite as clearly as trying to interpret history with contemporary values.
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    Check that the loading gate spring is properly installed.
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    Army Uniform regulations of 1861 specified red silk ashes for commissioned officers and Red worsted wool for 1st Sgts and some other enlisted ranks. When I was in the Army, in keeping with tradition, I used to wear a red silk cummerbund or vest with my dress blue uniform. It wasn’t authorized so I had to keep my blouse buttoned so nobody would see it. Basically, nobody but me and my close friends knew I had it on. “Why that’s pointless, Bob!”, you may say. Maybe. http://howardlanham.tripod.com/unireg.htm 1504. For General Officers-buff, silk net, with silk bullion fringe ends; sash to go twice around the waist, and to tie behind the left hip, pendent part not to extend more than eighteen inches below the tie. 1505. For Officers of the Adjutant-General's, Inspector-General's, Quartermaster's and Subsistence Departments, Corps of Engineers, Topographical Engineers, Ordnance, Artillery, Infantry and the Judge Advocate of the Army- crimson silk net; for Officers of the Medical Department-medium or emerald green silk net, with silk bullion fringe ends; to go around the waist and tie as for General Officers. 1506. For all Sergeant Majors, Quartermaster Sergeants, Ordnance Sergeants, Hospital Stewards, First Sergeants, Principal or Chief Musicians and Chief Buglers-red worsted sash, with worsted bullion fringe ends; to go twice around the waist, and to tie hind the left hip, pendent part not to extend more than eighteen inches below the tie. 1507. The sash will be worn (over the coat) on all occasions of duty of every description, except stable and fatigue. 1508. The sash will be worn by "Officers of the Day" across the body, scarf fashion, from the right shoulder to the left side, instead of around the waist, tying behind the left hip as prescribed.
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    Well, at least one great person the LDS community gave America was John Moses Browning! Need I say more?
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    Years ago I had a job with a Mormon and a practicing Wiccan. They would debate religion and theology in the server room for hours. Neither would ever get upset or mad at the other. I got to be a part of some very interesting discussions, and I wish it was more common to see people with such opposing view being able to talk without conflict.
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    if the spring is up over the back of the gate it might cause that problem. If so, take a popcicle stick and push it out and down in to place.
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    Just remember there are many LDS members of SASS, of which more than a few are the top of the crop! While I’m not Mormon, a bunch of my friends in SASS are, and probably more of y’all’s friends than you expect. a couple of you could use a refresher on the .... Cowboy way! Practice what you preach folks!
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    This picture is me doing an impression of my 5th-great grandfather, Lieutenant Joshua Danforth of the Continental Army. I researched his uniform in depth. The only assumption I made -- and it is not necessarily an accurate one -- is that he had all the uniform items and accoutrements the regulations required him to. It is more likely that he was missing one or two items. In any event, this is as he SHOULD have appeared from 1779-1784, mid-war until after the end of the war when he left the Army. The red sash indicated he was a commissioned officer, but not a general (generals had colored sashes that went across the chest). Colonels and below all wore the red sash you see me wearing. Rank was denoted by epaulets on the shoulder. This was as of 1779. Prior to that, there were different regulations and it was not standardized throughout the army. You can't see my silver epaulet on the left shoulder because I added it the day after taking this photo. But it's there now. Officers had the red sash for two reasons. 1- Enlisted men could identify them from a distance. 2- It was made of silk, and when unfolded is much wider than what it appears to be when wrapped around my waist. It could be used with two rifles to make a stretcher for the officer, should he be wounded. Rank does have its privileges.
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    That's your opinion and your welcome to it but it's all up to the parents to decide. Many of our current top shooters in SASS started out very early. I think Sage Chick was about 10. With proper eye and ear protection I don't see a problem at all! I wish I would have started at an early age.
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    Are those lugs or hobnails?
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    The US Navy has a rule that you are not supposed to talk about religion or politics while gathered in the wardroom of a ship. The discussions can cause dissention within the group with the attendant loss of cohesion/brotherhood. Not to mention the fact that the arguments are mostly unsolvable. I have tried to apply this guidance to the larger portion of the rest of my life. It works.
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    They do look dashing, don’t they? When “The Coto Cowboys” became “The Cowboys” - Coto was the original CAS club started by The Wild Bunch - a bunch of us got together and wore red sashes to emulate the characters in the movie “Tombstone”. Especially those of us in Posse 7. I will say that we all looked pretty cool wearing them. There may even be some photos floating around out there of us. I will also say that on a hot day sashes may look “cool” but I assure you they are not! As for historical correctness? Yes, some wore sashes. I understand that some used sashes as a place to hold their guns instead of wearing a gun belt. Oh yeah, if you do go with a sash on a hot day, make sure it’s made with color fast dye...
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    Do you suggest that Hollywood would make up such a thing?
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    Nuh uh! It has a super short stroke mod!
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    When we first got married my wife told me that I could "look but not touch". Back in the 80s we were driving by the bus stop near the Pearl Harbor/Arizona Memorial in Hawaii. There was a very well endowed blonde trying to hold everything together with a tube top. I looked as we drove by, looked over my shoulder, and got smacked when I tried to adjust the rearview mirror. Now I use stealth. BS
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    I am nice to all that knock on my door and I treat them with respect as I send them away. Unless they are obnoxious UPS drivers or cable tv salesmen. Those boys get a bit different treatment. I did have two LDS young men drop in on me as I was reloading ammo years ago. We talked a while and one young man asked if he could come back and do some reloading to help me out. Nice kid. He would come by on occasion then one day he informed me his mission was up and he was leaving to go to Virginia. American flags keep Jehovah’s Witnesses away. Just a useful tidbit of information. But if they knock I am nice to them too. I do believe my experience as a kid selling seeds and greeting cards door to door taught me to have a little compassion for those that seek to earn a living or get into heaven by knocking on stranger’s doors. I rarely answer the door unarmed just in case the knock is by someone that one should be armed for when opening the door. No one ever knows I am armed though...unless they need to know.
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    Isn't it spelled "bizarre"? Aw hell...maybe I'm just stoopid
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    My Dad's baby brother and his family are LDS. We used to debate who was the greater heretic, him or me, since we raised our daughter Catholic (we thought we were just sending her to school). I know there are some weird facets to LDS but I love my family - who are the last to bear the family name. They are family-oriented, secure in their faith, and just plain good people.
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