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    Steampunk Hawaiian. Challenge Accepted!
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    And we have eletrick fans on all the stages!
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    It's like Tennessee in July, it's HOT but they have some shade and covered stages so it ain't real bad. It is a PARTY!! Randy
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    The smiles and laughter make up for any kind of uncomfortable weather you might find at Ponderosa Pines. Anita and I would love for you to come to Black Gold and we're absolutely positive you would have a great time! Oh, don't forget... Southern ladies don't sweat...they glisten. But sometimes when it's real hot, they glisten like pigs.
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    Now this is something really special.....if I wasn’t on fixed income!
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    Wouldn't "cowboy poi" be grits? Just thinking about it is making me hungry.
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    Why would you even mention "cowboy poi" this long before the event and give Whiskey Creek Johnson time to be inventive. The real stuff is the menu item that nightmares are made of. You know that WCJ will come up with something that will make poi taste like honey.
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    Looking forward to this one put me down for a campsite.
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    I just had an unsettling thought!! I don’t recall Sawyer ever holding a shooting school at Black Gold!! This needs to be corrected!! What about it, Sawyer?? You up to putting on a classroom this summer???
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    Hey Tequila, This is a match to go to!
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    Hey Blackwater— You May have not always been healthy, but YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN IN THE GAME! TINY BUBBLES should be an easy number for you and the band! Don Ho trivia—Did you know he was an ACE in the Korean War. Air Force Major! SALUTE!
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