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    At about the 30 minute mark you can watch a 4-8-4 pulling a special event train stall out and then restart on the grade. Exceptional engineer at the throttle.
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    This is why I don't like letting people borrow my guns. I bet those were nice guns before somebody scratched them up something fierce.
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    Bass Pro / Cabela’s sent me a survey. I was going to delete the email and move in but then I thought, “why not!” Besides the fishing for info they should already know as I am a “club” member they asked if I planned to purchase anything with them soon, if I would recommend them to friends and family and a question about my experiences with “Bass Pro”...they didn’t ask about Cabela’s. This tells me the BP cancer is at stage 4 for any semblance of Cabela’s to remain anything like it’s former self. I gave every question the very lowest setting in my answer. I think it’s ironic that I have just placed 2 orders with “Cabela’s” this past week and now I get a survey. Here’s the kicker; The first order I placed I thought I burned the last of my points to get a set of 9mm Luger reloading does but the bastages charged my card, not my points. So, yesterday I ordered a few Lee Pro-locks (I think that’s what they are called) to burn my points. To show me just how far BP has taken Cabela’s. I had to jump through hoops just to be able to use my measly $63.85 pittance worth of points. Anyway, my points are gone. I will no longer use the Cabela’s Club card and I plan to pay off most of it tomorrow then put in for a different credit card and transfer a small balance over to the new card. I am done with Cabela’s...I mean Johnny Morris’ Bass Pro. RIP Cabela’s Have a fantastic Friday!
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    Why didn't she call the po-po, the second she was in the store? That would have been a high priority call in any dept. OLG
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    Here's a post from Nate Kiowa Jones from 2013. I use AutoZone brand brake parts cleaner. I use it everyday on the Rossi 92's and have been for the last 20 years. This is what I have found. First, not all brake parts cleaners are the same. Some are harsh enough to damage plastic parts and finishes. If you aren't certain the product is safe just purchase the Birchwood-Casey brand Gunscrub. I have never experience damage to any gun parts or finish using the AutoZone brand. Many years ago I contacted the manufacturer and ask them how it compared to the B-C Gunscrub. Comparing the ingredients they told me it was the same thing as their brake parts cleaner. This product by Albany Brake parts company was sold at the local Auto Zone parts store but packaged in Lafayette La. Since that time Auto zone has it packaged with their name on it. A word of caution, some Carburetor cleaners are caustic. They can be too harsh on wood finishes and plastic parts. Some of these carburetor cleans are like EZ-Off oven cleaner. I use Ez-off to help remove old finishes and oils from old gun stocks. Take the butt stock off before you do this. Spray it down the muzzle & in the action. When yer done, set it muzzle-up in the corner of the garage until all the residue has dripped out & evaporated. Then, lube it up good with a spray lube, run a patch down the bore, put the buttstock back on & yer done. Works very well. --Dawg
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    Broke on Sunday morning hand surgery Monday morning....Got a rod, a screw, and nail....Back in one piece and home....Feel good and slow moving....I guess work for Winter Range.....Just wondering what could go wrong???? Texas Lizard Thanks for well wish.....And those who wanted to shoot horses.....
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    There goes Yul's chance to run for Governor. Rex
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    Just when I was starting to like you...
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    My favorite old costume was Scout's "ham" costume: Yes, I'm from Alabama, and I love "To Kill A Mockingbird".
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    Ummm...I think these guys had better read the regs again. I would not buy that and try to say it's a featureless legal rifle in CA. CA does not recognize that gray area of calling a gun a "Firearm". It must be a "handgun" or a "long gun". There is no "firearm" designation. Maybe some folks get their kicks talking / arguing with law enforcement about their guns at a shooting range or a traffic stop. I do not. I take risks on my motorcycle but those risks won't cost me thousands in court / attorney's fees or land me in the pokey. Fooling around with gun laws is a risk I prefer not to mess with in this state. I wouldn't give this "firearm" a second look if it were presented to me at a gun show.
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    Nope, skip it, nothing but trouble; adding BP to the mix will only make the problems worse and frustrate you immensely. Where exactly is this gun for sale? In case you couldn't tell, I was kidding. You shouldn't have any trouble with BP, especially in that caliber.
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    That is probably what the vegan, bunny hugging, entitlest dreamers would prefer...... I guess they don't even go house-to-house anymore. They go trick or treating through grocery stores, shopping malls and church parking lots where it is called Trunk or Treat. Also heard they want to move it from October 31st to something like the last Saturday of the month so that no one is out late on a school night. Also heard they want to start making it less scary for the kids and the new trend is to buy the ugly pumpkins first, not the perfect ones, and then paint them with pretty, soft colored paints. So I guess that means they dont want to offend a pumpkin by picking it last or using a knife on them. And as always, I suppose they feel all their ideas are worthy of blue ribbons.......
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    That's easy--none of them know about it!
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    Steampunk Hawaiian. Challenge Accepted!
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    So. . . if using gunbelt suspenders, how do you hold up your pants? 2nd pair of suspenders? Belt? Lacking a protruding posterior can make it important to consider these issues.
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    Great match! Lots of fun! Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this happen.
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    Like my ray gun...he goes by “Ronnie”
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    It’s amazing how they find these ships and the effort that they put into these searches. Thanks Slim.
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    Yes they can.......... (7) EXCEPTIONS.—The prohibitions in subsection (4) do not apply to: (d) Property owned or leased by a public or private employer or the landlord of a public or private employer upon which are conducted substantial activities involving national defense, aerospace, or homeland security. That's called the "Lockheed loophole". An employee was terminated from Lockheed. He went out to his car, retrieved his gun, went back in and killed a number of people. That's how the exception came to be.
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    Put a fired case in the chamber before flushing or swabbing the barrel and the action will see little crud introduced to it. Helps keep her clean when cleaning.
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    Seems like that would kill your split times. I hold dead on and just use my thumb. I don't have to wait on the muzzle to raise and lower and reaquire the target.
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    Gun rolls back in your hand, raising the muzzle and bringing the hammer closer to your thumb; cock the hammer as the muzzle lowers to shooting position. More recoil = higher muzzle rise. This is assuming plow handle or birdhead grips.
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    Run 45 colt with good crimp. Normal BP cleaning regimen. Used brake cleaner to bare metal then Ballistol when switching to BP. Now everything stays soft until I get around to cleaning it. Recommend a full size inert cartridge to help reassembly. 44-40 should be no problem what so ever.
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    30/15 with Blackhawk hammers. Shoot only federal primers to be safe. Significant difference from stock. But we'll worth it. Watch the videos it's pretty simple to do your self.
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    San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera hit back against the National Rifle Association on Thursday, asking a federal judge to toss out the lawsuit the pro-gun group filed against the city last month that accused the Board of Supervisors of violating its First Amendment rights. The NRA’s lawsuit came less than a week after the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution labeling the group as a “domestic terrorist organization” for its efforts to block gun reform legislation. Supervisor Catherine Stefani brought the legislation to the board two days after the deadly shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. In asking the court to dismiss the suit, Herrera’s office argues that the board’s action — a nonbinding resolution — represents an expression of a policy view and not a mandate to take any action. The NRA claimed in its lawsuit that the resolution would result in a blacklisting of the organization and anyone affiliated with it, potentially chilling their own rights of free expression. The resolution, the NRA claimed, constituted an “implicit censorship regime” by the city. “Criticizing the NRA is not against the law,” said John Coté, a spokesman for Herrera’s office. “The NRA is responsible for blocking common-sense gun safety measures like universal background checks, renewing the assault weapons ban and restricting high-capacity magazines,” Coté said. “For that, it should be publicly condemned. Legislators have the same free speech rights as their critics.” A few weeks ago, Mayor London Breed reminded city staff in a memo that the nonbinding resolution does not limit contracts with groups doing business with the pro-Second Amendment organization. “I knew all along that this was a non-binding resolution,” Stefani said in a statement on Oct. 1 and reiterated Thursday. “We made our point: the NRA is a terrorist organization. I will keep fighting them using every tool at my disposal.” The NRA said Thursday it won't withdraw its lawsuit yet. “The NRA will pursue this case until the City of San Francisco officially withdraws its unconstitutional threat and makes amends for the harm suffered by the NRA, its members, and its supporters,” NRA attorney William Brewer, said in an email. “The memo previously issued by the mayor underscores the merit of the NRA’s claims — but does not adequately address the negative impacts of the city’s unconstitutional resolution.”
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    You need more recoil. I've not had any issues changing out hammers in Piettas or Ubertis myself; timing has remained the same in the 3-4 guns I've messed with. If you do have trouble seems Slick McClade is down your way, and if he can't I'm sure someone at your local clubs will know how to fix them.
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    Wouldn't "cowboy poi" be grits? Just thinking about it is making me hungry.
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    I bought a used 550B and Dillon has supported it just as much as if I had bought it new.
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    The nation is over the precipice and sliding down the ever more slippery slope!!
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    Looking forward to this one put me down for a campsite.
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    I bought a Browning 92 about 8 years ago from the cowboy who won the Black Powder class at Winter Range 1n 1999 with it. I have shot black (APP) since then with no problems. It was worked over in 1999 by the Cowboys & Indians shop and has had nothing but regular cleaning since then. I ve only torn it down a coupe of times and it was clean inside, just needs regular post-match routine. That's 20 years of BP shooting from one well-made, well-setup gun!
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    I got .45s named Fire and Brimstone ,,,, they are boys ...... I have a Highwall in .40-65 that I call Trouble because she likes to reach way out there and wack things .... She is a Lady ... classy and dependable like my Mrs. I have a Low Wall in .38-40 and she is so sweet and easy to handle and doesn't hurt the ladies and kids I let shoot her but she is sure death on steel out to 300 yards ... I call her Baby .... Jabez Cowboy
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    I'm more concerned with specific parts, such as firing pins, hammers, safeties, chokes, repair parts, etc. If it runs as I think it will, a $9 spring kit will $15 at the local Bass Pro, etc plus the $1 tax. CA is doing their absolute best to make firearm ownership a PITA. I fully expect these new laws to be immediately challenged in court... but I won't hold my breath waiting for it to happen...
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    May just have to go to hardware store. Coil springs are not impossible to make. Existing springs can be lightened.
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    I'm sorry I didn't have a clever insult for you. I know I haven't done so in some time and that you must miss that. Put some Tupelo honey on a biscuit and wash it down with some Jack Daniels on my behalf sometime.
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    So I am relying on very old memories to answer this question. Sepharia translates as people of the book. Sephariam therefore would be books or more accurately texts of the Old Testament or of Talmudic teachings.
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    I dressed up as Richard Pryor with his hair on fire one year and everybody thought that was a hoot, wonder what the reaction would be now days? My how things have changed.
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    Targets are too close vs. too far (I don't think I've seen just right yet). Does Phantom know he's about to offend someone before he hit's submit or is he shocked when someone's all bound up? (I had a boss that was always shocked when his emails offended staff even though they always did lol)
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    By Jay Chambers There was a time in the United States when owning a gun wasn’t considered an indicator of what sort of person you were. Owning a gun didn’t mean anything more than owning a wrench did. They’re both tools. And they were regarded as such. Unfortunately, legal gun ownership and use carries much more social and political baggage than it used to. People have formed prejudices against legal gun use that can make guns an uncomfortable topic for gun owners. Some of these prejudices are manufactured to push a political agenda. Some have occurred more organically. However, they’re all problematic for the same reason: they’re wrong. And, these prejudices are especially damaging because they not only stigmatize legal gun owners, they scare potential new gun owners away from purchasing firearms—even when they may have a completely legitimate reason for getting a gun, such as personal defense. Unfortunately, the most common prejudices are repeated often on social media, and are even “verified” by certain news outlets. These are the common prejudices that get favorable treatment in a lot of circles. 1) All Gun Owners are Extreme Conservatives First, yes, it’s true that many conservatives own guns. But there are also a lot of liberals who own guns, too. There’s even a Liberal Gun Club. Unfortunately, the politics of gun rights and the Second Amendment have been painted as a partisan issue. Maybe it’s a strategic move to fracture support for the Second Amendment and reduce coordinated resistance to gun control regulation. Either way, the fact remains that nobody can discern who you voted for, or even which party you might affiliate with, just based on whether or not you own a gun. Additionally, owning a gun doesn’t indicate any malice or hatred for the government. Opposing regulation that you don’t agree with isn’t resistance or belligerence. People should have input in the formation of new laws and regulations that affect them. Whether or not you support new regulations isn’t an indicator of a desire to start a rebellion or insurgency. 2) Possessing a Gun Indicates Violent Behavior This opinion gets touted a lot by biased news media. People claim that the only reason to carry a gun is if you’re looking for a fight. Or maybe you’ve had someone ask you why you have a firearm ready for home defense as if you’d be crazy to have a gun in your house. The idea that the only reason you’d have a gun is because you’re actively looking to engage in violence is a fallacy. The mere possession of a tool does is not an adequate indicator of intent. Guns are tools. And, just like other tools, there are multiple uses and various needs, for guns. Simply having a gun does not indicate which of those uses you intend to use the gun for. Furthermore, the total number of firearm homicides in the U.S. each year is far less than one hundredth of one percent of the total population. Even the total number of violent crimes reported in 2017 was only 5.3 million, which would be just under two percent of the population. So the actual data reveals that owning a gun is not a good predictor of violent behavior. Anyone who believes that mere possession of a gun proves a certain intent has made a predetermined decision, without enough information to accurately reach that conclusion. It’s textbook prejudice. 3) Gun Owners Are More Likely to Be Racist than Those Who Do Not Own Guns This one comes and goes in terms of popularity. In 2013, the Huffington Post published an article which cited a study that “showed” this. However, the study used something called “symbolic racism” to evaluate people’s biases, and more recent articles mostly cite anecdotal evidence. So this assertion is another predetermined judgement based on inadequate information. Is it true that racists own guns? Sure. But people who aren’t racists also own guns. Even though the numbers are somewhat tougher to work out on this one, with over 100 million gun owners in the US — about half of all American households — the number of upstanding gun owners far outnumbers the number of racists who happen to own guns. Just addressing this issue requires a lot of assumption and inference, because it’s so hard to get any good information here. That means there’s not enough information to make a dependable judgement as the the racial beliefs and biases of gun owners. So this assumption about gun owners is certainly painting everyone who owns a firearm with a very broad, inaccurate brush. Let the Prejudices Lie Although these prejudices can make things uncomfortable, especially in conversations about guns rights and gun ownership, they’re most deeply held by people who occupy the extremes of the political spectrum. People with their own deeply held prejudices. Chances are that the majority of people don’t buy these ideas wholesale. We gun owners, from various walks of life, can work against these prejudices by clearly articulating why we own guns and how to make gun ownership safe and useful for everyone. We have the facts and the pride to fight these prejudices. We just need to do it.
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    Henry Big Boy More difficult stages to slow down those gamers Is the term "gamer" a compliment or insult? What exactly does Phantom mean when he says "Oy"?
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    Shipping or not shipping guns to California pards
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    Anytime I can dress up as a cowboy and shoot cowboy guns at targets that give an audible feedback is fun. Add good cowboy friends, some good natured bantering, some friendly competition and somewhere in the mix good food and drink. Oh, and LOTS of shotgun targets. Black powder makes things funner, I have also found. Movement is also good. Stand and deliver gets old fast. An onsite chuck wagon style breakfast, lunch or dinner is nice. Cain't not beat dutch oven cobbler no how. A large swap table always keeps things interesting away from the firing line as do vendors. My take.
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