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    I know several shooter that place in the top 3 most every monthly match that do not have short stroked pistols or lowered hammer spurs. If you shoot duellist the lower hammer spur can make it easier to reach the hammer. The pistol modification that is most helpful is a reduced power mainspring. Reducing the force needed to cock the hammer makes a significant difference. All the other modifications are personal preference Some like them and other don't. Lots of shooters put a reduced power trigger spring in theit pistols but I am finding that a lighter trigger is not always beneficial for CAS. Go to a match and ask other shooter is you can try their pistols and see how they feel. it will save you a lot of money Remember that just because a particulat modification is popular doesn't mean that it is right for you.
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    I recently got a brace of 45 Colts to shoot Classic Cowboy with. I'm using Win 231 loaded towards the bottom end of the published loads for 200 grn bullets and haven't had a problem with them even with severe arthritis in my CMC thumb joint shooting duelist. I did go with the 5.5 inch barrels in the 45s where I have the 4 and 5/8s barrels on my 38s. Shooting a 1911 with Wild Bunch loads has gotten painful as the arthritis has gotten worse, but so far cowboy guns are manageable. I get my left one fixed in a few weeks, and the right one after Winter Range. Grizz
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    My combo 45LC (rifle/pistol) load is 4.1grs of Red Dot w/ a 200/180gr bullet. w/ a 200gr bullet these loads make 625fps (125pf) in the revolvers. I never thought of that being a heavy load ... but ... The year before last I broke down and bought some 45 Cowboy Special brass to experiment with. For those I ended up w/ 160s (Badman coated) going 400fps and making 62pf (w/ 3grs of Bullseye) ... The first time I shot them I was so shocked I started laughing and almost fell down. I let a friend shoot them (a 38 shooter) and he told me there was no way the load could be legal ... that I must be cheating!! That was great for the revolvers but I was still loading the regular cases for my rifle ... Since I was using 180/200 in the rifle (what ever I got cheapest) I stopped buying 160s for the revolvers (they were a pain to load anyhow ). I started loading 180s and 200s in the Cowboy Special cases and could never really tell any difference in recoil compared to the 160s anyhow (even though they were creeping up into the 80-85pf range). Here I was ... with a different tool head for each ... using a different powders and different brass for each of the loads (rifle/revolver). Not what I had planned. Of course ... as I continued to enjoy people doing a double take at the loading/unloading table someone finally threw out a pair of short stroked stainless 357 4 3/4 EMFs in front of me and I grabbed them. I'm still shooting 45LC in the rifle and now 38s in the revolvers. Use almost the same amount of Bullseye in the 38s as I did in the 45Cowboys (2.8grs instead of 3.0) w/ 105s or 96s. I still have completely different setups for loading the rifle and revolvers sooooooo ... I will say ... the 45Cowboy Special loads in the revolvers were great ... they fell out of the cylinders all by themselves and stayed clean. The 38s stay clean but I usually have to coax half of them out. If I had a 38/357 rifle I would probably shoot 357 brass in it anyhow so I would still be in the same boat ... I offer no advise ... I can only say I am glad I tried them (still have 450 loaded up and ready to go if needed) because they were an absolute blast to shoot ... and fun to dump out at the loading/unloading table (and I still have two sets of 45 revolvers to use them in).
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    Well, it is longer than the .45 Government... with the same WRAC 45 Colt headstamp. But no, there was never officially a .45 Long Colt. Just a .45 Colt and a .45 shorter Colt.
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    That damn physics thing keeps getting in the way
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    Another factor is the weight of the gun. The 45Colt will be lighter than the 38/357 in the same model gun.
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    When I shoot reduced recoil .45 Colt loads, I use Cowboy 45 Special case, (available from Starline), or a Schofield case. I use a 160 bullet. But, I still load 200gr for the rifle, in a .45 Colt or a .45 Schofield case because the Schofieds with a 160s are too short in a '66.
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    Because of the size of the case, I think the empty space would cause pressure issues. You can use Cowboy .45 Spl. cases and reduce recoil quite a bit.
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    True, but the fact is there is only one candidate - and at this time political party - that will even remotely support our 2nd Amendment. A vote for the other side essentially is a vote that compromises our 2nd Amendment. It is what it is. What political party and candidate is that? Y'all can figure that one out on your own. GG ~
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