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    The most sought after modern DA Revolver will soon be mine! NIB good price, I've always wanted one so here we go.............. Anyone have one??? Tell me about it!!
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    Actually, my surgery was to remove an implant that was installed incorrectly several years ago. The anchor was too long and protruded into my sinus cavity, causing a number of issues like infections. The concern was how bad the infection was and if they could remove the anchor without having to break the jaw bone. The infection was worse than they thought but they didn't have to break the jaw to remove the anchor. Yes the screams of my credit card could be heard into the parking lot. I'm glad to have this whole situation behind me and can move forward. No I will not be replacing that implant, or having any other implants installed. Ever.
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    That makes me wish I'd had children so I could sell one.
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    If you end up on the wrong target, it's a P no matter how you got there.
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    Question "What target am I on?" answer from me most of the time is "Don't know, number X just came out of the barrel." I will help the ones that I can but if I am looking at the targets then I am doing it wrong. Also, if I am anticipating what the shooter might do, then the wording is "open the gun, now move." I also point out that where the line on the app that says "Posse with...you can put don't posse with XXXXX. My name is Tennessee Tombstone" I can not tolerate rude behavior or a surly bartender.
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    My first thought when I saw the title of this thread was "OmiGawd! A Ball! With a punch bowl and dancing??"
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    Thank you Misty! The Digital issues are quite nice. Yes, I look forward to the print editions, "but times they are a-changin'". Print media is expensive, and all the content is available on my monitor screen while I sip my morning coffee. I appreciate all the effort you've put in to keep this ship afloat and headed in the right direction!
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    Misty and Skinny laid it out pretty well and then after looking through the October issue I could see that they are 100% correct. The Chronicle doesn’t have much of an advertising base anymore.
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    I too miss the "old" chronicle,, but alas, times are changing, costs have skyrocketed, newspapers are shutting down regularly. I miss the olden days,,, sigh but, SASS is still afloat and I'd rather be shooting than reading about it anyway. Yes, it's a shame, but it is what it is.............. I guess we could be getting daily calls from SASS wanting donatioins from outside solicitors,, naw no thanks
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    I have noticed a trend over the last couple years, I have asked a couple other cowboys over the last couple months in parts of the midwest if they have noticed it, and they agreed with me on this matter. Shooters holding the TO's responsible for their mistakes on a stage. It seems to be a growing trend. Due to this trend I see many unwilling to take the timer on a posse. Anyone else noticing this trend?
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    Link below is to a news story and not FB. Man’s Facebook post about traffic stop goes viral
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    Oh, and I am not adverse to using my multi tool to crack open a towel dispenser that does not work.
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    The thing I hate is when they don't have any paper towels so you can use them to open the door to exit the restroom! Not everybody washes their hands before grabbing the door handle! If I can't use something so I don't have to touch the bare metal, I am possibly exposing myself to someone else's germs. Sometime have to use some toilet paper instead. Same thing with touching the faucet handles where they have them.
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    Darlin Scarlett, Here is some news that will make EVERYONE want to wear wadders next week: TN Williams is gonna be dressed up like a PINK Banana on Thursday. He's also changing his alias to: CHIQUITA KID Hey, I don't make this stuff up. Save a good hug for ole Widder..... ..........Widder
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    The original owner should have left it alone. All reports I read about the Python is it already has a great trigger and smooth action. That's why it was so popular!
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    Praying peace for you and guidance for the surgeons hands.
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    This is "Doc" the only other flight worthy B-29
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    I'm praying for you and that I'll never have to go through that again myself. Spiders and dentists scare the hell out of me, so I do understand.
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    The hammer and the cylinder pin are the only parts that are caliber specific, all the other lockwork parts are interchangable. There are 5 different hammers available for Ruger 3 screws, One for the single Six, one for the super single six(Adjustable sights) One for the medium frame(.357) Blackhawk one for the large frame(.30 carbine, .41 Mag,.45Colt) and one for the Super Blackhawk. As for the .22 hammers The Super single six will work on either as it is a little shorter because of the adjustable sight, the fixed sight hammer is a little bit taller. Hope this helps.
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    I understand. If you can’t find anything suitable, check out northern Arkansas. Lots of drilling around Guy, Quitman, and Greenbrier. And Arkansas is green. And Outlaw Camp and Mountain Valley Vigilantes are an easy drive.
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    +1 for that!! You get free shipping too ... He opens his car door and they fall right out!!
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    Snazzy was always fun to shoot with. While I can not say I was a close friend, I do remember a few short conversations that were enjoyable. And I'll never forget the video of her destroying an anti gun politician. The governor of CT if I recall rightly
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    I’m grateful that capitalism gives us the choice. No pun intended.
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    Yup. california has so many restrictions on fuel that gasoline sold in this state pretty much has to be refined here ~ cannot be imported. So, with no new refineries in 42 years and some of those we have over a century old, there's not likely to be any real relief - unless we do as Gov Gav wants and drive electric. But wait... electricity is in short supply... gotta unscrew that power-guzzlin' refrigerator light bulb....
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    It takes a big heart. A very big heart.
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    The brother understands it was a stupid mistake and she needs to be punished, but she didn't do it out of malice. The mom unfortunately seems eager to get her 15 minutes and $15 million out of this.
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    I guess Pooh must be the basis of all of those comments about our constitutional right to arm bears. Seamus
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    Close to twenty years ago, in addition to my accounting duties I was the de facto "IT Guy" at work. And since I would often be called upon to serve as such at any time, I usually carried a multi-tool on my belt - a Gerber, with the "flick opening" pliers. So one day I'm tooling on down the hallway when some female snowflake type coming in the opposite direction finally notices the black nylon sheath. Eyes popped, jaw dropped, then she pointed and shrieked "O MY GAWD! Is that a KNIFE??" Good Lord. A few nearby folk looked on curiously, as I met this woman's shocked gaze. Calmly and slowly, I extracted the device from it's sheath and flicked my wrist. The tool went "SNICK!" and the 'flake's eyes and mouth opened wider. "Nope." I said, and held it aloft for her to see. "It's a pair of pliers. The same one I used when I fixed your computer this morning." Of course I didn't show her the multiple blades. But she probably could have related to the handy-dandy file - just the thing for a broken fingernail! The other folks just shook their heads and went about their business.
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    I'm just glad he puts up with us no matter what day it is.
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    Thanks for the interest. I'm going to try and give it minute to sell together, or at least a large chunk before parting out. I'll price out each piece when we decide to go that route.
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    Happy Anniversary/Birthday Palewolf
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    All the music in Quigley Down Under. As as soon as I saw the subject of this thread that is what popped into my head. Love that music. Since we are adding clips...
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    "A man who can smile when things go wrong, has thought of someone he can blame it on". ..........Widder
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    I've walked through that very plane a number of times and if it wasn't for my extreme dislike of flying I probably would have paid to be taken on a flight. On edit: 7 fatalities as of 6:20 EST 10/2/19
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    Bullets by Scarlett Red River Bullets I bet Red River Ray would give you a hug too. Randy
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    One thing to bear in mind is the shipping costs for the magazine is not cheap. A friend in a larger city works in the shipping department of a pretty good sized magazine with a thickness similar to our Chronicle. They pay about 40 cents per copy to mail. No clue what SASS pays for shipping but assuming it is similar, and assuming they are mailing 20,000 copies out, shipping alone would be about $8000. Dropping to two from four saves about $16,000 per year, out the equivalent of about 246 renewal memberships. Not counting the printing costs of the additional magazines. Now, my numbers may be way off, as the number sent out is a guess, and I do not know what their shipping costs are (I was just comparing it to what a similar sized magazine pays)
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    The article in the Chronicle said that with the limited space in the print magazine, they were not able to get them all in, but with the online version they do not have the same space limitations, so they can expand those editions so they can print them all
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    It was finding a Chronicle on an office table that brought me to the sport as well. Don't read it much anymore since it went digital. Miss having next to my recliner.
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    I would recommend getting a 357 cylinder and cutting them to 44-40. That way you can have your 44 Mag also.
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    My point is to reduce BP fouling in my rifle's action so I don't have to strip it down after each event. The cases seal way better with my action being at least 90% cleaner after six stages.
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    I believe at one EOT a few years a go it was decided for the time to allow both ladies and juniors to "cock" with the off hand but shoot with the strong/grip hand. We have followed that determination at all the Plainsman events we gave sponsored and entered since. And, personally, I will keep recognizing that behavior for ladies nd juniors. Ol' #4
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    At our annual, we offer a "Modified Plainsman" Shooters can use percussion or cartridge guns, a single-shot or big bore lever. They can shoot the revolvers one-handed (duelist or gunfighter) or 2-handed. Black powder in all loads The idea is to get folks to play. At a big shoot, they probably have no problem getting enough folks shooting it with just cap guns, but at our smaller annual (115 shooters) we expand it so more will play. We end up with 20 or so shooters
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    Page 18 of Shooters Manual 170 Degree Rule NOTE: An obvious exception to this rule exists, where the shooter is given the ability to draw and holster revolvers from approved, legal holsters without penalty. Further exception is given when retrieving and returning vertically staged double barrel shotguns without penalty.
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    There are more obscene things that can be done to guns than to make them pretty colors, IMHO
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