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    ^ Ditto. Can't beat Waimea for good bullets.
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    I use Outlaw Bullets. Good prices, great guy to do business with. https://outlawbullets.com/
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    For those of you interested in taking a closer look at this unique revolvers: Enjoy!!
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    There are lots of bullet vendors. I choose to buy from those who support the sport by sponsoring matches, taking the time, effort and expense to be a vendor at matches. As an added plus, those folks tend to carry the type of bullets, powder, etc. that works well for our sport. I’ve seen three or so of those vendors named in this thread.
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    Missouri Bullets has always been good to me.
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    Chey Cast bullets, love the coated bullets, and free shipping for orders of 2000 bullets! SCJ
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    I understand we cannot speak ill of vendors or gunsmiths. But, what is reasonable? I sent 3 shotguns to a Top Named 97 Specialist based on previous recommendations on the forum. When I first talked with him, he said as soon as we receive them we will disassembled them send you a detailed breakdown with a cost estimate. Six months later, he said he had been real busy and would get to them very soon. At 13 months I got the quote on the first one. At 14 months I received one back and was told the other two would follow soon and things had been delayed and that this was not normal. At 16 months I asked about the status and received a 1 line response saying “working on it”. At 21 months I sent another email and received no response. Now we are approaching the 2 year mark. I liked the work performed on the first one, but thought it had taken longer than normal. Is this normal? Am I just being impatient? I don’t think so. I think a Man should be as good as his word. I think a vendor should stand behind his reputation. I think that a Man should tell the truth. If it’s going to be 2 years then tell me and let me decide if I want to wait or go somewhere else. I understand gunsmiths are busy. The other 75 or more gunsmiths I’ve dealt with over the years I’ve only had to wait a month or two. Most are honest, hard working and will go out of their way to make sure the customer is satisfied. I do not feel that the way this gunsmith is doing is the Cowboy Way, and I do not think it is the SASS way. I have not mentioned any names and not used any bad language, I have expressed my opinion. I also think like others on the Forum have stated that we need somewhere that we can post vendor feedback and ratings so that others will not be mislead. Thanks for reading BC
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    Rarely does everything go exactly the way you want it to but sometimes the planets align. This is a compilation video of Matt Black shooting the California State Match in 2017. 12 stage wins Total time over 12 stages 153.72 average time per stage 12.81 That works out to less than 2 minutes and 34 seconds shooting time for the match. It doesn’t seem like he got his monies worth. Lol
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    Matt Black has won a few matches Overall however at the Florida State Match this weekend he won something that meant so much more to the both of us. Posse 3 awarded Matt Black the “Spirit of the Game” award and chills went all over me when that happened. He always works hard on the posse picking brass, setting targets, counting and running the timers etc and goes out of his way to be kind and help folks out who ask him if they need a tip or whatever. He never expects anything from that other than the people being nice to him and the same respect he gives. I am very proud of him for all he does. Thank you to Fast Eddie and everyone on Posse 3 at Florida State! You folks are awesome! The Florida State Match itself was FANTASTIC! Great stages, great range, great banquet and the people there are simply amazing! The match ran smooth as glass.
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    You've been waiting for hats since you were 12?
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    Badlands, you just bought yourself a BIG MANLY HUG with your next purchase!
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    Just the simple fact of storing customer’s guns that long is no way to run a business and neither is such poor communication. The time that he quoted you, plus a small grace period, is the appropriate length of time for him to take. Anything beyond that should come with good communication to explain why and a clearly revised timeline. In my personal business experience (I’m not a gunsmith) I’ve learned that the best way to deal with bad news is to stay on top of it by being forthcoming about it. Not only is honesty the best policy in general it’s the best policy in business. It all comes back to setting expectations (and occasionally resetting them) and ultimately delivering on them, two actions that the vendor is in complete control of.
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    And this is why I do all my own work. There's something going on with this guy and he should have stepped up the communication.
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    For many years Bearcreek were my bullets of choice because a pard up in Norco was a dealer for them. Back in 2008 when the economy took a dive he wanted a walnut gun cart and I wanted some 200 grain .45 bullets so we did the trade. He got a custom built gun cart and I got Bearcreek bullets, lots and lots of them. I sold some and traded some away but it took me about 8 years to use them all so when I had to make a recent bullet purchase I went with CheyCast. My pard in Norco doesn’t sell bullets anymore and the bullets that I got from CheyCast load and shoot nicely.
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    Looks just as fast in person. The 135.78, 10 stage match at Cassalong Hopidy’s Florida State Championship, was a pleasure to watch. See Ya at Georgia State. Fast Eddie
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    How can a proud father letting others watch an exceptional shooter/young man doing his thing be any kind of mistake? Love seeing what is possible and would be very interested in what he is doing these days as far as training/practicing to stay in the upper reaches of the stratosphere. Regards Gateway Kid
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    I blinked and had to go back and replay a stage..... One other thought..... its a good thing his TO was getting paid by the hour..... Good videos. Thanks for posting. Keep em smoking, Matt. ..........Widder
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    Chey-cast in Cheyenne WY free shipping on orders over 2000 bullets. Also I shoot 105 gr in rifle and pistol
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    I really like Badman Bullets. I like 165Gr RNFP bullets in my 45s and 125Gr TC in 38/357. Almost forgot, I use 200Gr RNFP in 45 Schofield cases for Rifle.
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    Gunner's method in re-establishing proper timing on the Marlin carrier is 1st rate and in my opinion, the best method available. HINT: if you are having the Marlin jam and, if you are shooting short OAL in your ammo caliber, you may want to consider asking Gunner to give you a .005 height increase in his fix. If you are shooting Long OAL ammo for your caliber, resetting factory timing should work fine for you. ..........Widder
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    rig fitted for old ruger .38, well cared for, copper studs. waist size 38, $250 shipping included (pistols are not)
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    I did not ask for pictures. I have given him this much time I will see if he follows through with “almost done and ready to test fire” or if it continues to drag, I will take the other offered advice and follow up with a certified letter. I see from all of the other posts that I am not the only one that has experienced this type of issue. As SASS is our organization I would think they would want this type of information shared to help prevent it from occurring. Thanks BC
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    We have wanted to shoot Gunsmoke for a long time. We are gonna try to make that happen this year. We will be at Range War in Michigan this year too.
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    No worry Colt..Phil probably picked up some bad habits on his "tour" in Texas.
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    That’s his poker face.
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    I've used Summer Enterprises bullets for years now, lowest prices, great bullets and service.
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    It's hard for me to wait for a quoted timeline when it comes to getting a gun worked on. Having to wait longer with no explanation would aggravate the heck out of me. How long is too long? Longer than quoted by the gunsmith. If they are going to take longer a simple email/phonecall goes a long way. I have a rifle at a gunsmith now, and I am antsy to get it, but I know it will be another 2 months likely. I was told that going in. But one thing I know for sure is when you are quoted a couple of months and it ends up being a couple of weeks, it's like winning the lottery. Totes
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    I agree 100%, if you tell me two years up front I can decide if I want to wait or find someone else. If you have health or other issues and tell me i’m patient and will wait a realistic amount of time. If you don’t tell me anything or tell me one thing and keep moving it out I do not think that is right. After sending another email and posting this, I received an email stating that he thought he had emailed me and that both of my 97’s are on the bench and one is almost ready to test fire. As I said earlier, he does great work, but needs to communicate and set true expectations. Thanks to all of those have read and contributed BC
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    I knew there was something that Matt and I had in common..... I don't shoot every weekend either. ..........Widder
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    Way too long. I try to turn thing around as quick as possible. Usually waiting on or finding parts is what slows thing down, but I communicate that to the customer. I have had one gun in the shop since January because of a back-ordered part.
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    There was an Asian champion awhile back that did the same thing and hit the double jeopardies every time. This guy plays the same way and has done well. I felt sorry for that young lady last night that was at $0.00 when it was time for final jeopardy.
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    He is not only smooth and fast, but he handles it like a true Champion. He is humble and a pleasure to be around and will help anyone. Colt you have a right to be a proud father. Will see you and Matt at Landrun.
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    Super smooth shooter & fun to watch, not real fun to go against in the shoot off though lol AO
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    Well he's gonna need a perfect match at Landrun, tell him I'm Comin and Hells Comin with me.
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    Rube, Cheycast out of Otto, WY has real quality hard cast, lead coated bullets. I see that Assassin recommended them and he knows the reloading ins-and-outs really well. I got a free box of bullets at one of the Border Vigilantes matches last year and have been using them ever since. (https://bordervigilantes.com) I am currently using .38 Special in their 125 grain coated bullet with 4 grains of Trail Boss and they are as smooth as "Hell on Wheels." Some gunsmiths on the lever-actions tune-up recommend an OAL on the reloads and you need to make sure you can achieve that minimum OAL with the bullets you purchase. Orders of 2,000 bullets are generally shipped at no cost.
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    Phantom I agree, I Should not have included a state. I have removed it. I know several gunsmiths in that state. I think he is a good gunsmith. I’m not doubting his abilities. Just the timeline and promises. If I crossed the line then the moderator can delete the post. BC
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    Hi Rube, I like Bullets by Scarlett. Cowboy Action bullets are her thing and she is a shooter. I like her. I hope this helps. All the best, Mo
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    Try K and T. https://www.kandtguns.com/
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    His moly coat is all we have ever used in this game. Keeps the bbl and loading dies clean. Best to call, as he's a one man shop. https://www.bearcreeksupplybullets.com/ He ships USPS Flat Rate...... OLG
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    Shipping costs are a significant part of the cost of cast bullets. Some casters deliver to major matches for free. If you cannot find one, look for one that ships in USPS flat rate boxes. These boxes can weight up to 70-lbs and hold plenty of bullets. I have bought bullets from Bang and Clang, Missouri Bullets, Chey Cast, S&S, Desperado, Colorado Cast and Badman. All their bullets worked fine for CAS main match work. BTW, if buying uncoated, lubed bullets best to order before it gets too warm or the lube can melt off bullets left outside. The new, plastic-coated bullets don't have this problem.
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    All I can say is Stan you gained a couple more fans this weekend my friend. Dylan and I have been talking about how great it was to get know you a little better and what a great leader you are. It’s obvious how admired you are and we can see why. It would be a pleasure to shoot with you that’s for sure! Oh and by the way my butt is still sore from you kicking it in the main match. Lol. Great times and even better memories.
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    Hold your head high, Stan. You performed admirably for your advanced age.
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    Well-contacting a member here is not as easy as it was. OLG
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    I messaged him on facebook and let him know you were looking for him.
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