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    Very good to hear. Thank you for your input! Same. I did a lot of research before buying and didn't see much (if any) negative feedback so it caught me off guard. That is also why my initial inclination is that I just happened to get a bad apple. I completely agree. I understand that any product can fail and I appreciate companies who stand behind their products and try to make it right. So far it seems as though they are doing that. Will let everyone know how the situation pans out. No, I read that tightening the screw could address the problem but luckily I only live 15 mins from the service center (and it's been frigid here in St Louis lately so it wasn't going to see much use anyway) which is why I decided to drop it off and let them take care of it. The ammo was factory target loads. I believe the 38 was UMC and the 357 was FED
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    I think TJD is all about promoting SASS... Thank god. Phantom
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    Costume requirements were really dress the part. Wranglers, a button down shirt, hat, and boots aren't enough. We will work on more details as we go along. Think "classic cowboy".
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    Judgement Day No entry fee. 20 stages. 4 a day for 5 days. You have to shoot a least one stage traditional, one duelist, one gunfighter. One stage will involve a derringer, another a pocket pistol, another a rifle caliber rifle, another a single shot rifle caliber rifle. You have to dress. Quigley level cowboy/cowgirl. Jim Scoutten and his crew are filming everything for Shooting USA The awards are serious, Custom Colts, a jeep, a tricked out golf cart, Dillon 1050, etc., etc.
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    Did you tighten the hammer spring strain-screw at all? Was the ammo factory or reloads. Ask to have that manager do a hands-on inspection before they ship it. Keep on'em....... OLG
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    Winchester (Miroku) is a fine gun. You can't go wrong with it. The firing pin has a safety device built in that i don't like but other than that I would choose it over a Uberti. PS I have two Uberti's and Two Winchester (Miroku's). It take a lot of work to get the Uberti to run like the Winchester.
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    Need a bunkmate for this match? Sounds like too good of a match to pass up!
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    If you're getting sponsors and all that with real prizes on the line...run whatever category you want...you can effectively set your own rules and become your own governing body. Think MGM Ironman... No need to kiss the ring.
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    You had me at "No entry fee" Totes
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    I wasn't able to shoot this match last year due to my stroke, but I can vouch for the fact that they put on a fun little annual. Well worth the trip. I have shot the match several times and always left grinning
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    I will ship this for an additional $25 bucks It is fairly heavy so will likely cost a bit.
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