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    Exciting day!!! Bordertown has its first ever INTERNATIONAL SPONSOR!!!! Polish Cappers has donated 3 of their much sought after Brass Cappers... VERY COOL and THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
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    The one for Australia is me ordering a second one. Always have a spare!
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    Doc Peabody's website is still out there... so before it disappears I figured I'd transplant some of his pictures here! Doc Peabody's Roto-Recta-rootalator. A strange medical instrument developed after years of cruel experiments on Desert Tortoises. Doc Peabody's Homemade Rectal Thermometer. It is constructed using a Ford Model-A radiator cap and an authentic piece of Colorado Barbed Wire (wahr) as a retention device. Doc Peabody's Roto-Nasa-Vacuator. The perfect tool for those pesky sinus infections. After which it can be used as a cake decorator. Marshal Halloway and Marshalette meet Doc Peabody
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    Gimmie a Break... that old Goat was never that young!
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    Alias: JC Wade Sass #: 64598 Where I'm from: Michigan I've been shooting for 3 years
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