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    I don't believe they are your SASS number if you buy them. It appears that the selling point is that they are consecutive numbers. If you look at the Ruger website they are sold in pairs. Not individually. They also have the Montado hammer and the reverse cylinder pawl. For a pair the MSRP is $1,699 new.
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    Thanks all I got from that link was Clinton's inauguration
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    Slippery little boogers. I tried some in 38 sp, they work fine, but hard to grab with my big ole fat fingers. I've tried wearing fingertip gloves, can't stand them. Same with any sort of rubber glove. I like them SPG lubed bullets from Ringers Bullets!
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    he only needs the 1 spur. If he gets one side of the horse going, the other side is naturally going to go too! My old dad told me that when I lost a spur when I was a kid. Fond memories!
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