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I can't take it anymore

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Someone please come on and tell us how great it is!!!!!! I can't leave till tomarrow!!!! We got to see some great pictures.

How is the shooting?

How many venders?

who is having the most fun?

Is the parking natsie still parking cars?

Is it going to rain?

Somebody give me somethig I feel like a 4yr. old going to Disney World.

I can't take it anymore! I am going to take a nap now I will check back in a little bit!

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Howdy Pard.


I agree! Where's all the feedback! I can't leave until tommorrow also and it's killing me. I'm stuck at work for another 6 hours and it's driving me nuts!


See you there!!!!!



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Ok, guys, here's few tidbits of info.


(I've just been watching, not shooting until Thursday, so take this with a grain of salt.)


Stages look pretty nice. Definitely a little "Tex" influence on most, with varied heights and "broken" shotgun and pistol runs. Like, 4 shotgun targets, then maybe some pistol work, then pick the shotgun back up for a couple of more. A couple more moving targets (mine car, for example, that runs across the bay, parallel to the firing line). Some flippers for clay birds. Some sheriff-star shaped targets that require a little more precise aiming.


Facility is in great shape. More drinking water scattered around the bays than last EoT. All six vendors in their new/old western buildings. Lots more vendors in tents. Registration seems well managed - very few reports of any problems. Campers sprouting up in all the camping bays. Water truck (Chiz driving!) making rounds to keep down the dust - it's hot and dry, so there can be a lot at this time of year. Highs over weekend about 92, lows about 62 (F). Breeze keeping things pretty bearable, though. Food vendors are already out and selling - pretty good variety this year.


Gatling guns, maxim machine guns, howitzer, lots of noise and smoke.


Catch the photo's that Canby has been putting up in another thead!

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Is it going to rain? Probably not until Saturday and then only in the evening if at all. See KOAT weather.


How many vendors? I counted fifty-three on my map.


The parking Natsie? All the waddies working parking are extremely friendly. After this they'll be ready to work as Wall*Mart greeters.


The shooting? More moving targets this year.


Most fun? The only time anyone isn't smiling is when they're eating.

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The parking for day shooters is down the hill at the end of the road close to where the drop off was last year (end of the shooting bays). Public parking is up the hill were everyone parked last year, and shuttle will run up and down the hill for the public and those folks camping.

Scout :D:D

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:D OK , 'bout a hundred vendors give or take - parking in close as stated above; hot as the hinges on hell's doors with a brisk wind (20+) and I don't know when that will slack off; stages should be fun and yes you will grab different guns at different times but so far they look straight forward - I should have no problem missing the close ones!! Got here early so I can take the RO II course so I'll know what rule I crossed.... Wife flying in Tues. pm so she can shoot the side matches. Did some early scouting at the vendors today and plan to "support" them while I'm here....If it get's better than this I'm not sure I can stand it!!

Yeeeee Hawwww!!! Come on down!!

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