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Determining date of production of an Uberti 1866?

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Hi all!

A pard just came across a very nice Uberti 1866 carbine in 44-40,  marked Stoeger-Accokeek, MD-A. Uberti Italy and wanted to know when it was made.  I could not find any little box with two letters or numbers anywhere on the receiver.  Is there some secret place Stoeger put it?


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Take off the forearm and look on the barrel where the forearm covers it up.   That's a common place for Uberti's.  Never seen any marked on the receiver.


good luck, GJ

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Or even remove the butt stock and I have seen them marked on the underside of the tang .


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Any gun marked Stoeger was made after Beretta bought Uberti, so it will have modern parts in it, and there's not too much reason to know when it was made other than curiosity.   But without taking stuff off to look for the date code, you can still get a good idea by comparing serial numbers to known guns.  S/N's went from 99999 to W00001 in 2004.  My latest '73 (all their toggle rifles share the serial number series) is W896xx and was made in 2020.  Comparing his s/n to a few known guns can give you a general idea.  

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