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What pistols to buy


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21 hours ago, EL LOBO TEJANO said:

.357 and I’ll shoot .38 I like blued guns. 4.75” barrel 


I’d like to stay around 400-500 for each pistol. 

I like the Uberti cattleman. And the pietta pistoleros I just don’t know if they can be slicked up.


I don’t want to limit my self by the platform I start with.

I personally like Ruger Bisleys because I have fairly large hands.  I have a pair of Pietta El Malo’s that are the smoothest I’ve ever seen right out of the box.  If you can come down to Wartrace on May 30th for the side match day of the Tennessee State Championship you can see a lot of guns and most folks, like Lucky Lead Pepper said, will be happy to let you try some out. If you come by the Dance Hall you can try out the Cut the Rope target..




This is a Ruger Vaquero with a 125gr. .38 special 




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He's asking for $400-500 per pistol.  I've seen some great deals on Piettas specifically recently.  You can a basic pair new in that price range at the moment.  Maye even have a few bucks left over for a spring kit.

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There is a reason the Ruger Vaquero is the most popular revolver in SASS. Your only decisions are grip style -  Birdhead, plow handle, or Bisley and Stainless or blue. 

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