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How much to have an ice cream cone

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Being diabetic means ice cream is a rare treat at best.  Chik fil a shakes average above 90 carbohydrates but a cone is 34.  Even then it is not advisable.  UNLESS;


today I put in over 8 hours of farm work.  I loaded the planter and planted corn and ran to the store for needed supplies and back to work.  I ate left overs for lunch and homemade supper and back and it.  By 8:30 my sugar was trending lower and needed to go to tractor supply for something and chik fil a is in the same parking lot.  

since my sugar was trending lower than usual we all got a shake but I got the cone and spiked at 200 and immediately dropped back and am trending lower again.  I guess the cure for diabetes is hours of farm work.

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@Trigger Mike,

Praying that your diabetes stays in check. I have a close friend who deals with the same issues.
It's a condition that many are not aware they could be moving toward.



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I’ve recently started going to a place called restor metabolic and they tell me it’s resistance to insulin and they are working on a weekly therapy to help it.  The claim by some is they got off the diabetic meds.  I’m not convinced.  They are nationwide though so we will see.  

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1 hour ago, Trigger Mike said:

resistance to insulin

I'm only Type 1 Diabetic, but I don't want to get worse. I keep hearing about "Insulin Resistance". They say that one of the keys to beating it is to lose weight. But Insulin Resistance makes it hard to lose weight.:wacko:

As for ice cream, this is what I eat:


And it's GOOOOD!!

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Unless you have a steady diet of Gluten Free Ice Cubes, you are gonna find carbs in something.
Type 1 has to preempt their meal with a calculated dose of insulin prior to eating.

My testing show fast acting Humalog takes about 2 hours to peak.
I also find that simply walking for three 20-minute miles produces a very marked reduction in glucose.

OP, as you are finding out, you cannot sit on your ass and effectively control diabetes.
One of my clients is Latino and like so many, prone to diabetes.
He is a body builder.
He says "get big" and burn it.

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