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Alaskan fundraiser

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Moose dropping fundraisers - To raise money a group has a lot of moose poop, each with a number written on it. (Moose poop is very dry and hard.) People buy a piece of moose poop and someone writes down who bought which number. All the bought poop is taken up by helicopter and dropped over a target. Whoever bought the piece that falls closest to the bullseye wins the prize.

she’s not even wearing gloves…
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Was on a fishing  trip up to Eagle Chargers in Elfin Cove, Alaska a few years ago and it was over the 4th of July. They don’t have any streets in Elfin Cove and no motor vehicles just board walks with a lot of boats anchored all around. They had a boardwalk parade and 4th of July games like water melon eating, pie eating contest and such one contest they had was kin to bobbing for apples except you’d bob for fish heads. If you think bobbing for apples is a challenge try grabbing a slimy fish head with your teeth.

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