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Audie Murphy in movie Texican

Darwyn Hassert

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In movie Texican staring Audie Murphy about 7 minutes before end of movie Audie is in a street facing 3 bad guys.   Just before Audie draws his SAA the camera view is behind his right hip and you can see his SAA in the holster with a cocked hammer.   Has anyone else ever noticed  Audie's cocked SAA in his holster?  I  appreciate so much the emphasis on safety in Cowboy Action Shooting.

Colter SASS # 18678  Aka Darwyn Hassert

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A long time ago I had heard that there was a discussion between Hugh O’Brien and Audie Murphy on who was the faster draw, Hugh was starring in the Wyatt Earp TV series and was boasting about being the fastest draw, even faster than Audie Murphy!  Word got back to Audie on the set of one of his western movies and Audie, chuckled and said why don’t they have a show down, but with real bullets. Hugh never took him up on it. 

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I know someone who used to work in Hollywood with some of the stars. They would have the star's pistol cocked and do things to cover that fact. He specifically talked about a movie with Burt Lancaster in which this was the case. Sometimes, the person would have a fringed-sleeved shirt/coat so that the fringe covered the hammer. It was all about going faster on camera.

Some actors practiced drawing in front of mirrors to see how "cool" a pose would look on camera. It's all for entertainment.

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