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How much would you pay?


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If you were going to pay someone to watch your 6-year-old child for a week, how much would you pay?


There's a movie - 1999. Undercover Angel. Hallmark movie. The girl drops by to an old boyfriend's house, and says she has to go to Canada for a week, so she wants him to watch her daughter. Who he has never met. At first she's asking as a favor, but then she says that she would pay him, and she writes him a check while he is busily saying that she does not have to pay.


She hands him the check and he looks at it and his eyebrows go up. But it never mentions how much it is. Apparently it's quite a bit.


Just got me wondering how much you would pay to have someone watch your kid for an entire week.


Spoiler alert - he finds out late in the movie that he is the kid's father, which is why the old girlfriend trusted him with her. So it's not as creepy as it might seem at first.

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