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Cylinder/bore alignment tool

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All of my CAS guns are in 45 Colt.  Concerning the revolvers, I have occasionally wondered if the cylinder/barrel alignment is an issue. I've never had an issue with this but I was looking for something that would be the size of the bore and long enough to check.  So today, I went to Home Depot to find something that would be about .45" diameter and long enough to check my 10" Wyatt Earp guns. It seemed that nothing was the right size....until I looked at the tool section with drill bits etcetera.  So Milwaukee tools makes a 12" extension for bits and screws. The end for the bits looked darn close( I took an empty 45 case with me). I bought it, took it home and sure enough it was perfect. I tried it on two different revolvers. I'm sure there must be a gunsmith tool for this but this was less than $11.  The guns I checked were aligned perfectly. Please excuse my excitement about something that works! 



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The professional tool is a revolver range rod.  Here's Brownell's selection:




I don't doubt your drill extension is cheaper.   I don't doubt Brownell's range rod being accurate enough to spot even minor rotation and axis position problems.  I would have my concerns that a big box store part was not made to serve this special high-precision job.


good luck, GJ

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I guess you would have to see how perfect this fits the bore. There is no wobble at all. Of course, if I were a gunsmith, I would use a gunsmith tool.


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