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Winchester 94, .44 Magnum

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Well, after reading about them for years, I was finally able to acquire a Winchester 94 in .44 Magnum,




As you can see, it's one of "old" ones that Winchester made between 1967 and 1972.   I have never been a fan of this style front sight, but that's what Winchester was putting on their guns at that time, so, it is what it is.


The action compares favorably to my other pre-83 94 in .30-30, and is even respectable compared to my pre-64 one in .32 Winchester Special.  Nowhere near as smooth as a 92, but it was not at all "clunky" and seemed to lever rather quickly from my perspective.  The "long throw" didn't bother me any.  Of course, that's with an empty gun.   I don't have any snap caps to run through it....

Anyway,  I plan to do an "apples to apples" comparison by shooting half a match with this gun, and half a match with my Rossi 92 in the same caliber.   I am reasonably certain that the 92 will be "better" but I think it'll be fun to give the 94 a try.  I know this'll never be a "go to" gun for CAS, but I think it's a nice one to have in the collection, and will make for a fun plinker from time to time.


And yes, while I don't own one, the action is noticeably superior to any post 83 94 I've ever handled.  Which I admit is not a lot, but I'd say about a dozen or so.

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I had a 94 Win. early in my SASS life, .45. I broke the ears off the locking bar, it went to factory repair and was traded for a 92 when I got it back. Nice rifle, it wasnt up to being run real hard.



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Very Nice .

I just picked one up myself. 

I'm very happy with it .


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