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Homicides down in 2023

Lawdog Dago Dom

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More law abiding citizens are legally and openly arming themselves.  The strident protestations of the liberal media have been making this public knowledge, ever since the “Covid Crisis” and recent years of escalating violence became the pet causes celebre in the agendae of the “fourth estate”, causing many to question the validity of the argument against owning firearms for personal protection.


In a way, the lamestream media has become the best gun salesman since Obama!!


AND! The criminal element is taking note!!



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Correlation is not causation BUT:


  • Do we believe that in the recent environment that this is due to stronger enforcement?
  • Gun ownership is up, might that could be an influence?
  • Maybe there has been a 'revival' I missed and people have found God.
  • Wait, crime goes down in cold weather, maybe it is the climate change?
  • No, it has to be COVID, that excuse worked for everything.  How did COVID cause it?
  • The other option is unemployment is down and more people are busy working.  But the unemployment definition is wrong (looking for employment).  So this can't be the answer, the people that perpetuate these crimes are no more employed than before?
  • Maybe it is the effective legalization of marijuana?  Cheaper now?  Don't need to steal?
  • Must be those new laws that the criminals have decided to follow?
  • The nuclear family has become stronger?


Lots of correlations...pick the one that fits your argument...



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1 hour ago, Badlands Bob #61228 said:

It could be that most of the people that needed killing, got kilt in a previous year.

That could be a Clint Eastwood quote.


But I will go with PT Barnum modified....there has been a new fool born to replace them.

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