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They just continue to waste the courts time on unconstitutional legislation.  Why?  To put forth the claim the court is illegitimate?


It is not about what they claim anyways,  I don't remember reading about a Glock getting thru security.  Anybody?  They caught my 1/16" drill bit one time and another time they missed my Leatherman.  WIth Artificial Intelligence those scanners will get better, largely eliminating the human factor.


If you were going to get one thru I guess you'd disassemble it and separate the pieces.  Use a plastic mag but you still have a metal spring.  Then that darn ammo...


This is racist, they are trying to make guns unaffordable to the little guy ....sarchasm.  I suggest that connecting poor and race is racist unto itself.  The real goal is to make guns more expensive it is not related to airport security....


The strategy is just to overload the system, throw as much at the wall as possible.  All those that allow it should be fired.  Lets get back to the government interference on 1st Amendment Issues during COVID and the last election cycle.


Born at night but not last night.

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