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32 H&R Single Six - Hammers and Tuning

Ozark Okie

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If I'm "hammering" a dead horse, I apologize, but I do not recall seeing specific information on tuning the Ruger Single Six 32. Usually mention of the of the 32 is in conjunction with discussion of Vaqueros, and although much of the information applies to both, the frame size differences sometimes require different actions. BTW, thank you Larsen E for the pictures comparing Vaquero and Single Six 32 hammers, and Turkey Flats for hammer comparisons.   


My 32s serve me well. I like them and expect to shoot them as long as I'm shooting CAS.  With 100 gr bullets (and me doing my part), I seldom have a hit called a miss,

However, I would like the actions to be smoother and lighter. Against friends' 32s (professionally tuned) that I have tried recently, mine remind me of driving a car without power steering. I'm reasonably handy and have done the recommended polishing for burrs,  rubbing and milling marks and recently swapped in a 17# wolff hammer spring. They are still not where I want them.  


I think my next move is to try lower, wider hammers in the 32s as I did with SBH hammers in Vaqueros I used to shoot. I'm aware of low, wide hammers for my 32s by -  

1) Power Custom kit with Bisley hammer for Single Six 32. I really like Bisley hammers in Bisley guns with their tight grip arch and straight back grip, but they just don't look quite right to me in a Single Six 32...just me.

2) Cutting and welding a SBH hammer to shorten it to the same height as the Single Six 32. With the help of an excellent welder friend, I think we can  probably do this..  If I can just find SBH hammers. Midway shows them as unavailable and no backorder. I am on their notify list. 

3) ? other ways to put lower, wider hammers in my Single Six 32s?   


What am I missing...likely areas that I have missed with my polishing? - internal pin holes (hammer, trigger, pawl, transfer bar, cylinder latch, etc...all hard to polish), plunger holes. springs, etc. Do I need even lighter hammer springs? How about trigger spring? A good shooter friend of mine (45s) says with the adrenalin he has pumping when shooting, he probably would not even notice the difference between a 3lb and 5lb trigger pull. 


I didn't mean to write an essay, but if you are still with me, I appreciate it...as I will appreciate any feedback; comments, suggestions you may have. How do the pros create that smooth, buttery, silky feel for the action when you cock the hammer? 

Thank you


Ozark Okie.  

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Jimmy hates short strokes and will discourage going that route. Same work, over a shorter distance requires stiffer mainspring to do the work. I kind of agree. Depending on the shooting style a short stroke may not be faster. It depends on the shooter. Stock 32 hammers are not that much higher than the Bisley or SBH hammers. I built 32 Bisleys using stock hammers and they work for me. I just like Bisley grip frames so much more. Everybody is different and has varying opinions about all of this stuff. 

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13 hours ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

You could send them to Jimmy Spurs...


I don't know all the things he does to them, but he certainly creates a smooth well functioning gun.  I know he takes the transfer bars out and welds up the hammers.

I have two sets of 32s that were made AMAZING by Jimmy Spurs! Excellent work. Stands behind it and he won’t make you wait forever either. 
call him and tell him Scarlett sends a hugs!I (603) 490-0312. He is in Island Pond, Vermont. 



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Thanks to those of you who responded.

Jimmy Spurs and Boomstick names come up frequently and I have handled guns done by both of them...as well as Snake Oil George.  

Looks like DIY isn't going to get me what I want and a professional job will be the way to go. 


Happy Thanksgiving to all!



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