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SOLD - Stoeger and Baikal shotguns


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1) Stoeger coach gun 12ga. Action was done by Shotgun Boogie. It is used but only used in a couple of matches. There are a couple of dings on the stock but nothing bad. It is $625 plus shipping to your FFL.


2) Baikal coach Gun 12ga. Action was done by Johnny Meadows. It is used and has couple dings in the stock but nothing bad. It is $375 plus shipping to your FFL.IMG_1028.thumb.jpeg.d3c437500fa5e5511d324b863b07e076.jpegIMG_1027.thumb.jpeg.0d8187639c8b42c9fd173526200b21df.jpegIMG_1027.thumb.jpeg.0d8187639c8b42c9fd173526200b21df.jpegIMG_1026.thumb.jpeg.b8391433da4bd1e089d1ffeb3914b5cf.jpegIMG_1025.thumb.jpeg.07e95f1b51d8d6cceb438962ab386acd.jpegIMG_1025.thumb.jpeg.07e95f1b51d8d6cceb438962ab386acd.jpegIMG_1023.thumb.jpeg.88ce3622a6bdd9bf879f76c9edbbbc87.jpegIMG_1015.thumb.jpeg.8469a332e3851cf39f3067914a4a0825.jpegIMG_1016.thumb.jpeg.610a5d3cfb7c75b455b29004525ddd6a.jpegIMG_1017.thumb.jpeg.1fd115c2a759715707fda5dd6be0c147.jpegIMG_1018.thumb.jpeg.9e15df28ac028caa65d2b256775f775b.jpegIMG_1019.thumb.jpeg.34f9d6f5aa91088ba804b46e5ca9a599.jpegIMG_1022.thumb.jpeg.a1af3746ca1412ac0be158861d4dfecf.jpegIMG_1021.thumb.jpeg.f72d6d71e21717c9eb721ee51a0c908b.jpegIMG_1020.thumb.jpeg.27c31fb2eb317078296c653a5e87ef9d.jpegIMG_1030.thumb.jpeg.ff2bdbdafc08f7e3ea3caa35efe2aa6d.jpegIMG_1029.thumb.jpeg.08aa5cc7a5a7ab1121ae451928a3678d.jpeg



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On 10/19/2023 at 11:45 AM, Seth Bradford said:

That was a quick sale Stormy! 

Yeah it was i was a little shocked lol.

On 10/19/2023 at 12:48 PM, boom pop said:

If the sale falls out i will take them both

I will let you know if does.

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