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  1. I didn't know SW had anything to do with Walther in Germany.
  2. Southwest said it all Dillion is great and I've been loading with a 650 for twenty years and they have been there all the way with anything I needed
  3. They are outstanding so much better than the CZ talk to Jason. HA
  4. Hoss call Jason at Broomstick Arms about the Charles Daly coming out of Turkey. SKB is moving to Turkey since that one factory is doing such a good job. They are hard to get but he did one for me and when someone picks up mine to help me at the line I hear them say wow. Happy
  5. Bill if u are yet to find the shotgun then if u can find one that someone has and they are hard to find at this time look at the Charles Daly coming out of Turkey. By the way call Jason at Broomstick Arms and talk to him about the Charles Daly. He did one for me and they are as good as the SKB coming out of Japan. SKB is planning to move to Turkey. Buy a good one and be done with it. Good luck and be safe and have a Blessed Thankgiving. Happy
  6. Outlaw gambler on the merchant wire has them. Happy
  7. Tex I wish u had the 92 that I sold awhile back. It was the smoothest I had ever seen and anyone that picked it up would say WOW. Have a Blessed weekend and be safe. Happy
  8. Very nice job JJ. I jsut missed out on some nice work. Happy
  9. call me 409 782-0019  Happy

  10. Chollo if anything falls thru on the buckles I would luv one of your buckles, HA
  11. Cholla u did a great job on the buckles wish I had pulled the trigger sooner, and got your comments on Dakota Al and I don't know what I'll do but my lawyer said don't drop it so I'll think about small claims court soon. Happy Appy '
  12. Hugh I saw u had a 66 for sale what u want for it?  Can u send me some pics?

    1. Hugh Long

      Hugh Long

      Yes $750

      send me an email address to hughlongii@aol.com

      i will send pics 

    2. Happy Appy

      Happy Appy


  13. They sure are cheaper shooting LOL

  14. Billy would u give me a call 409 782-0019 or give me your number so I can call u.  Thanks  Happy

    1. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

      Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

      called and left message.  my cell is 903-739-5912....evening probably best. fixing to go to church then split wood and work on gun this afternoon.

      Sassy and I leave for Winter Range via Tombstone on 19th after work returning around 1st or 2nd of March.

      Billy Boots aka Bill Buckman


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