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  1. Hanna if these were 357 they wouldn't be for sale. They sure feel good.
  2. Yes they are smooth I don't know who did the work.
  3. Just asking if anyone has a single trigger Stoeger in their safe they may be willing to part with but will consider two triggers also
  4. Beautiful Ruger Bisley ss 45lc 5 1/2 wish these were 357 they would not be for sale. Most shooters can tell by looking just about how much the handguns have been used. There is going to be more later as I’m not sure just how much longer I will be able to continue. This is a smooth running pair. Price for the pair is $1895 plus shipping
  5. This is a beautiful SKB 12 ga from Japan that is out of this world. You will be proud to own one of the best shotguns on the market. It is in outstanding condition as you can tell from the pictures. At my age I don’t need to be shooting such a nice shotgun so someone can get many years of enjoyment out of the experience. I’m shooting a cheaper shotgun and this isn’t being used. mechanical triggers and no cracks in the stock Johnny Meadpws action work .$1950 shipped to your FFL
  6. I'll be second in line if anything fall thru. Happy
  7. Better check your ticket, not sure it stops in Clarksville. HA
  8. I may have an extra room in Clarksville coming up if anyone is interested. Happy
  9. No cartridge loops and in the pic u can see 43 to center hole.
  10. Moe it is on the ad $250 plus shipping
  11. Kid just called and I think he is taking the pistol but he said he would let me know as we were looking at the serial # and it may be 1896 I'll let u know
  12. Iver Johnson Arms pocket pistol nickel 32 S&W excellent shape great small hand gun. This pistol can be fired either single or double action. $250 shipped
  13. Thank u John send me a cell # and I'll get pics to u. Happy
  14. Set of holsters two strong side with one right hand cross draw. Belt is 43 inches to middle hole. $250 plus
  15. Let me know where to send the gold?  I'll send u my ffl.  Happy

  16. Evil Roy even signed the boxes.  LOL  Happy

  17. I'll take the third screwdriver in the pic. The larger handle.
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