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Sharpe Was Wrong!

Subdeacon Joe

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I know this fella. I don't know if he is still into cowboy shooting. The last time I saw him was 2001. And he had his right hand and forearm all bandaged up.


This guy in the video talking about the stupidity of sticking his head over a loaded and primed musket reminded me of this.


This fella did not stick his head over the loaded and primed musket. But he was smoking a cigar while he poured powder down the barrel. And the flame came up the barrel while his hand was still there.


Can you say oops?

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That, as I understand it, is one of the two reasons you use a powder measure.


If you use a measure, you get the same amount of powder every time, so you get the same Force every time, so you logically you have the same velocity every time.


But also, if you use a measure, and there's a piece of burning anything still down in the barrel, you dump 50 grains of powder down there and it's going to flash up and burn your hand. But if you're pouring out of your powder horn, that's got a pound of powder in it, and it flashes up, it's going to blow your hand off at the least and probably kill you at the most.

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