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Ruger LCP II .22

Three Foot Johnson

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I like the concept, so I bought one. Out of 410 rounds of six brands of ammo, I had 80+ failures to fire on the first strike, with none being notably worse than another...


... cleaned at 100 and 250 rounds...


... all but one of the FTF rounds shot perfectly on the first strike in other .22's, with no attention paid to indexing the rims.


I stepped out this morning with a freshly cleaned gun, and put 50 rounds of CCI Stingers and 50 rounds of Federal bulk pack through it, with 19 FTF's...


... all 19 fired fine on the first strike in other .22's.


It seems to be a relatively common complaint with the LCP .22 - the strikes are at the very edge of the rim, and shallow. I got an RMA from Ruger this morning, so back it goes. :(

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I've only seen two people that had them. Both were at the range shooting them and they had no problems that I witnessed. Neither of them shot more than 100 rounds. Never saw a FTF but I wasn't watching them the whole time. I have heard that they are fairly accurate for what they are. 

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