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Hot and bored so I threw a couple of shotguns on the ground and snapped a few photos just in case someone might be interested.  People are always asking how to reduce the recoil of their shotguns.  The effects of recoil on the body are cumulative and shotgun sports competitors often fire hundreds of rounds in a day.  The most effective ways to reduce recoil are to increase gun weight or reduce the shot weight and/or velocity.  Here are three ways the gun designers have attempted to reduce recoil mechanically.  The first is the Remington 870 Competition.  It was only made for a couple of years in the early 1980s.  Looks like a pump but it is a single shot trap gun.  What is normally the magazine tube houses a gas piston that recoils when the gun fires to spread out the felt recoil pulse.






Next up the Browning Recoiless.  On this one you have to cock the barrel using the forearm.  When you pull the trigger the barrel moves forward as the round is fired to counteract the recoil.  The recoil recocks the barrel so it only has to be cocked for the first shot.  Worked OK but the gun was "ugly" and had a poor trigger pull becase the trigger mechanism had to be able to hold the barrel back as well as release the striker.  This was also a single shot.






The last one is a Butler.  This is a two shot semi-auto (so it can fire trap singles and doubles matches) that is an unsingle and ejects out the bottom to keep from hitting other shooters with the ejected hull.  The hump on the bottom is a shell catcher to catch the ejected hull.  The barrel is basically underneath the action.  The semi-auto mechanism and straight back recoil from the low barrel placement make it very comfortable to shoot.



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I've owned an 870 Wingmaster with 20" barrel and extended magazine since the early 80s.
A buddy loaned me his 26" trap barrel, and my game improved a bit but still kicked a might.

I bought the Remington V3 specifically for reduced recoil, and it does indeed do just that.

For grins, I tried my Miroku SxS with steel butt plate at the trap range...
Couldn't hit squat, but pounded the snot out of my shoulder.

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