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looking for colt lightning 22 caliber extractor spring

Flinthills Dawg

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Larsen brings up a good point.   The .22 version of the Lightning is very different from its medium and large frame relatives.   I was talking with Lassiter about them once. and he described a large frame as a medium frame "on steroids."   Essentially an upscaled version of the medium. although there are some minor differences.   But the small frame Lightnings are completely different.   They actually have a lot more in common with the Winchester 73 in some ways.   And if you look at the three sizes. you can see that this is all so.

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1 hour ago, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

Colt .22 Lightnings do not have an extractor spring.  The extractor is one piece with the tail acting as a spring.  Numrich has them.



Reminds me of the left side extractor of a winny 97 SG.

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