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Just Count The Vicious Criminal Outlaws—
We're fed "saturation coverage" whenever they explode
It doesn't matter if they set fires, start wildings, crash cars, poison drugs or murder 


It's already well known that, despite incessant media bleating, there are no more "guns on the streets" of America than hammers, both potentially lethal, both equally available. Decades of socalled "gun control" laws haven't made a dent in the armed criminal population or crime. We don't suffer from an excess of weapons—crucial tools to defend lives, homes and freedom—we suffer from an excessive supply of psychopaths on the streets. Why is that? Before background checks and so-called "gun control," America was very heavily armed, but lacking homicidal maniacs.


Murderers (rarely called that in "news" reports) are valuable to the left, because they can be hyped and misdirected for collateral attacks on our wholesome American right to keep and bear arms. Without murderers running free, demand for gun control would wither and die. "If media reported accurately about guns, gun control would end," JPFO president Alan Gottlieb has noted.


FBI statistics, reported and analyzed by numerous experts, show we have a horrible excess of blacks murdering each other, facts mass media obscures. Guns surely aren't the core issue there. All murder rates are abysmally high. Any murder rate needs to be lowered, but why so many at all? And because the murders are overwhelmingly male against male, women need to be removed from the equation, as extraneous a factor as guns. Females have equal access to non-existent "guns on the street" as men do, but don't act out. The sexist term "gunman" should be dropped, even though the culprit is more likely testosterone, sometimes called the most dangerous drug on Earth.


Disinformation (deliberately misleading data used to advance an agenda) makes the problem worse. You'll hear about one lunatic (now from Colorado Springs) for weeks while blacks continue getting murdered every day. Conclusion: Black lives don't matter. Reporting is beyond unethical.


Support JPFO, speaking truth to power:



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Note that the most recent incident in Colorado has been presented as a probable “Hate Crime” by the media and those who demand more gun control! 

All of a sudden, it comes out that the suspect is “non-binary” and LGBTwhateveralphabetQ!!!


So now they’re saying that it’s trying to avoid the “hate crime” charges by making this claim!

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