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Congratulations LA State Champs

Chief Rick

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Slick McClade - Mens and B-Western Champ

Nellie Blue - Womens and Lady Gunfighter Champ


I personally had a great time.  84 shooters showed up from as far away as Indiana, New Jersey and Australia (among other places).


10 great stages and three days of awesome food!

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Following up on Chief Rick's comment. Kudos to the Deadwood Marshals for an awesome food fest that had some shooting too. The Meaux family can cook!

Since this is an annual match, I plan on attending next year.


La Sombra

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I want to add my kudos for this food fest with some great shooting thrown in!  This is the best little unknown match that deserves a LOT more shooters. :ph34r: They put on the LA State Championship every other year, but I'm there every year. :wub::wub::wub:

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