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Visit with an old friend.

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A visit with an old friend tonight. Bobcat Sparks was the original owner of this Uberti copy of the 1873 Winchester.  He was a very good friend of mine. He died in 2008, driving a semi when it hit a stalled vehicle in the highway. I bought this rifle from his widow. This last week, I broke it down, gave it a thorough cleaning, replaced a couple of parts, and added a new front sight. Going to use it in an upcoming SASS match as a remembrance of him. Bobby Sparks, aka Bobcat Sparks, you are not forgotten.

bobbys 1873 - Copy.jpg

bobbys 1873 rafter s.jpg

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One of the finest cowboys ever in SASS!!  Bobby made everyone he met feel welcome and important and he made everyone laugh!


Schoolmarm literally cried for days when we heard the news of his death!  He and Smokin’ Joe Anderson from Possum Trot were the two who made SASS what it is to her!


He was also a professional rodeo clown and a real cowboy!!


I think of him often! :FlagAm:

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