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Bucky O'Neill at EoT - Sights

C.N. Double

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I've located the updated rules, but I'd like to confirm that flip-up sights will be permitted. In the past, I believe it was battle sights only, and flip-ups were prohibited. The new rules indicate any original sights are OK to use. I'm planning on practicing with my Cadet Trapdoor, which has a Buffington rear sight. Yea or nay?


I kinda doubt fooling with the sight will help me, but I'm gonna try anyway, dangit.


Rules: https://endoftrail.org/long-range-events/

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Flip up sights and original equipment peep sights on permitted rifles are now allowed. 


Use the Buffington sight in any manner that you want. 


I'll use my barely visible 1878 Trapdoor sights if I get a chance.


Coconino Pistolero 

EOT Long Range match director

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Glad for the clarification, I haven't been able to find a carbine/cadet that I found to have an agreeable price so I'll just have my 1884 trapdoor rifle. I think I will be able to poke the first set of targets....

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