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What length barrel sxs do you use

Tennessee williams

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It's really only logic.


Ya need as long a barrel as you can get. 


If it is long enough and you miss, you just lean in a bit and knock the target over with the end of your barrel.


See, it's so obvious!  :D:D:D

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1 hour ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:


When you finish up all your testing,  sell me one of those you decide not to use..... :D


As a side note for those interested,  TN is also looking at BEEP to 1st shot, his split times, and also checking out his 'pick up' times.


'Pick Up' times are his times back to the belt and load/1st shot of his next pair.


He's putting in some serious practice.   He's also recruited a top notch 'instructor' to help him in his efforts..... :lol:






You and Randy get on each side of me. At the beep, just start swarping me with sticks until I finish the string. Eventually I'll get tired of getting whooped on for so long and go faster. Hey, it's a tried and true method. :ph34r:

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I have one at 18.5 inches , 3 at 29 inches two at 28 inches and 2 at 30 inches ....

But I think 24 inches is the ideal length, for ease of opening and portability ...

I have had a bunch of field guns with 26 and 24 inch barrels that were deadly on Birds ...

And for shooting skeet ...


Jabez Cowboy

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