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FINALLY: A Henry CF Gunsmith

Widder, SASS #59054

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I hope this thread doesn't violate certain advertising rules but I think

MANY of the Cowboys might be able to benefit from this info.


Slater (Slatersinhouseguns.com) is now working and modifying Henry pistol caliber center fire rifles.


I have felt a couple of his most recent jobs on Henry's (.32 Fed Mag and a .38/.357) and I must say they

felt and worked VERY WELL.


I don't know what they felt like before he got them, but I do know that they sure felt nice and worked

great after he worked on them.


He is a Cowboy shooter here in E.TN


Just wanted to pass on some useful info for those of you who have been wanting to

seek out a Henry CenterFire Gunsmith.




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One would think that the Henry action is somewhat similar to a Marlin that someone could overcome some of Henry's shortcomings.   


With no new Marlin 1894s and price and availability of any old Marlins so high and adding to the shortage of Italian guns - there is only Henry as a entry level option. 


Hopefully,  his innovations will work their way back to Henry production. 

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2 hours ago, oak creek martin said:

Is he doing the soft stroke modification to them?


The lever functions on the Henry centerfire rifles are very smooth feeling and feeding of the rounds

is also surprisingly smooth and can be run fast without jamming..... atleast on those I have handled.


The 'Soft Stroke' name is proprietary in referring to the 'Widder Soft Stroke' mods set up in the

Henry .22 rimfire lever rifles and not the centerfire rifles.

Although I no longer 'actively' work on Henry .22 rifles, the name 'Widder Soft Stroke' is still the

appropriate name in referring to the mods that are used in the Henry .22




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