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I am in the market for a double action revolver in 454. ( Taurus Raging bull or hunter ). Prefer 5" but will entertain others. 


I am cash poor but stuff rich. I've been cleaning and de-cluttering and finding all kinds of non-cas things to sell. 


Feel free to email me at Docdisaster45431@gmail.com for details and pictures. 


Thanks again 


Doc D 

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Not to make you rethink your choice but Taurus just came out with a model that shoots .460 S&W, which I believe will also shoot .45 Colt and .454 Casull. You might want to entertain getting one of those instead. As for stuff to trade/sell, you might want to post some of the items that you have to trade. 

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Nimble Fingers - Thanks, ill check that out. 


I have AR-15 rails, Glock and 1911 holsters ( leather and Kydex ) , handheld flashlights, some mags, AR-15 quick change conversion kit. 

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6 hours ago, Cowhand,SASS#63559 said:

How funny, I just found, going through my reloading stuff... 100 pieces of NEW Winchester 454 brass. If interested let me know. 

Thank Cowhand

Sent you a PM 

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