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  1. How funny, I just found, going through my reloading stuff... 100 pieces of NEW Winchester 454 brass. If interested let me know. Thank Cowhand
  2. Sorry about being late on posting pics. We've had some goats having babies and been tied up. Here are some pics, if you want a special pic, please ask.
  3. I have a two drop slicked up 87. It’s still new and I call it a China gun. Work done by Lassiter. $450.00 face to face or you pay for shipping.
  4. Looking for one Ruger Bisley stainless steel trigger to finish a project.
  5. If you think about breaking them up, I would be interested in a set. I have a master caster.
  6. I have a “new in box” Cimarron Uberti ‘73 38/40 Octagon barrel short rifle.
  7. What would a pair of Rugers 38/40 with 40 cylinders be Worth?
  8. Cowhand. Call Rock Rotten. Got me some broke ass bisley's. kstump@bh.com

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