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FS ASM 1860 Army 44 with shoulder stock and holster

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I'm offering an ASM 1860 Army in 44 caliber with a shoulder stock and holster for $450 shipped.  If we do a local sale I'll knock of $25 for the cost of shipping.


My father gave me this gun (and an 1851 Navy) and I'm buying another Navy to get a matched set.


He was the original owner and said he has only fired it once.  The gun is mechanically sound with a couple of small rust freckles that I've shown in the pictures.  The bore is in great shape, with zero pitting or rusting. It locks up nice and tight.


The shoulder stock is in pretty good shape, with some discoloration to the brass, which is coming off with elbow grease.  Unfortunately Walmart is out of stock on Brasso or it would already be clean.  The screw for the stock does have some rust and I've shown that in the pics. 












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11 minutes ago, SGT. QUINCANNON, SASS #32999 said:

Would you swap even for an Uberti Remington NMA, with Howell conversion cylinder? 

Thank you for the offer, but unfortunately that won't work.  I am selling this to cover the cost of getting an 1851 Navy (which I just purchased on GB) to go with one I already have.

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