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Practiscore: breaking out Misses, Ps and MSV

Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

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one of the things that drive our members crazy is having Misses, Ps and MSVs lumped into the same column labled P which stand for Penalities.

When you go on the PS website they are broken out.


So, since I have no life, I wondered how long it would take to make an entire math report using Excel.  

first copied each stage to own spreadsheet.  Easy enough


The I wanted to alphabetize them so I could put all the stages on the same master spreadsheet

Oops:  each of the shooters have a number and "-" before their names showing their place of finish on that stage--AND YOU CAN'T ALPHABETIZE WITH THESE NUMBERS IN PLACE


Aftter deleting a stage or two by hand I discovered the =function that allows you to delete lead characters from a cell.  A quick copy/pase and the numbers and "-" were gone and they could be alphabitzed.  You have to do this with each stage so when you put them on the master one the names will line up


Copy/paste x 6 to master sheet and life is good.  Quick =Sum function to add all the times and you have the overall times for everyone.


Did learn the times shown on the PS website already have any bonuses and penalities figured in


You can also do averages along the bottom for bonuses, misses, MSVs and average times for stages--again having no life makes this enjoyable.


The scores are on the far right of the master sheet but they are results of =functions so you can't sort by them (like fastest to slowest, so I copied them and pasted them right after the names but pasted them as vaules so they can be sorted


the final result --complete copy is attached



cheyenne's take on final score with averages.xlsx

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If all they care about is misses, and you do not have too many stages for the match, what I do for our club is after the match, go and print reports to HTML inside the Practiscore app. It then shows number of misses. P= total penalty seconds so that would include misses, penalties, etc.


Here's an example from our last monthly: 


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