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One on the way. :) Wanted .5 or .6 CC lee dipper

Sedalia Dave

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Amazon has the full set for $12. I think $25 ships free. To ship one dipper in an envelope (considered a package due to it's thickness) is going to be $4-5) I just went this route shipping something last month. 


Another thing you can do is find a shell casing that is close to what you want to drop and give it a coat hanger handle. Either wrap around or hole through  it. I've done this a few times.

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8 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:

Need a .5 or .6 CC lee dipper.

PM me your address.  I have 3 of the .5 cc

Its your for free. I will wrap it u best I can and put in a  regular stamped envelope and lets hope it makes it through the sorting machine. Fair enough?

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Cut two pieces of tablet backing and put the dipper in a small, ziplock type bag. Stapled the tablet backing to cover both sides of  the dipper. In #10 envelope weighs .9 ounces. Shouldn't be any problems, but we hear the USPS did lose 280,000 ballots in Pennsylvania......  



I'll get this out today.

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