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Found one: WTB .22lr pump rifle

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I'm looking for a functioning pump rifle in .22lr. It doesn't need to look nice, but it needs to be fully functional. Winchester 1906, modern Henry pumps, or anything in between. What do you have?

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Did find one yet?  If not, I have a Rossi copy of a Winchester 1906 with a 16.25" barrel, not much finish left on it but it still functions and goes bang.  I can send you some pics if you're interested.  Later pard, Doc

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CN, if the other options don't work out, I have something that might interest you; wasnt really looking to sell, but if it would help you.... Its a Browning BPR that had some water damage. The finish was cracked and metal surfaces had surface rust...some deeper than surface.  Affects the appearance, but I have cleaned it up and made sure it functions correctly...it does.  Haven't checked it for accuracy but the bore is decent. Plan has been to  keep it for my grandson to use as a knockaround plinker, but he has others....not pumps, tho.  

If it sounds interesting, you can send me a PM with your email for some pictures. 

Ozark Okie

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