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Speaking of the virus, quarantine gone wrong

Trigger Mike

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My son's varsity football team went into quarantine because a kid with symptoms played a game.  That meant 2 weeks at home for all but my son who just recovered from the virus so he is good for 90 days.


One of the players thought he'd visit his classmate who was not under quarantine while he was quarantined.  That kid turned up sick so both had to  quarantine for 2 weeks.  Then as the sick kid recovered, he healthy football player got sick himself so.now has 2 more weeks in quarantine,  6 weeks total in a row.  He is also on the one act play team so they can't practice like normal without him.  


At least after this he will be immune for 90 days.

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My nephew was put on quarenteen so he bought a little fishing boat.

Very safe out on the water.

Now back to work in the sandbox.




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Doesn’t sound like the quarantine went wrong. Just the people.


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