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You Think The Little Guy With a Big Knife Is Scary?

Subdeacon Joe

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Try a grinning nun with an axe:



Some context, though:

We're CAL FIRE's newest helpers! The sisters (and a four-legged volunteer!) are working to clear brush at St. John Monastery in Maton, where we are staying during the evacuation. This brush mitigation makes the property more defensible and accessible in case of wildfire. We appreciate the importance of such maintenance more than ever while we await further developments in Calistoga.
The latest from Calistoga:
A layer of heavy smoke is blanketing Calistoga this morning as the mandatory evacuation order continues to be in effect. Air quality within the area remains at hazardous levels. As of 7 a.m. this morning the Glass Fire is at 60,000 acres and 6% containment. There are 2,500 personnel assigned to the fire. 
Winds are anticipated to continue today above 1,000 feet. If the inversion layer lifts, aerial resources will be deployed on the fire. The Red Flag warning is set to last through 6 a.m. Saturday morning. 
The City is actively coordinating with Unified Command on a repopulation plan for the city, however no timeline has been established. Safety continues to be the primary concern.
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now thats scary - i know what they will not hesitate to do with a ruler .....or a paddle , but then thats years ago im certain those nuns have been weeded out by now , im just sure of it , sorta 

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Is that one with the mask on a member of a Tong? Chinese with a hatchet in the San Francisco area. Scary.

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Hopefully I killed otto.


I typed Tong. It changed it to tongue. I changed it back to Tong. Otto changed it to young. I changed it, for the third damn time, to Tong. Otto changed it to ring.


Took me four tries to get it to say what I wanted. And I thought otto was bad on my old phone.

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