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Our new puppy

Trigger Mike

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when we moved to the country from the suburbs of Atlanta a homeless kitten showed up but the kids wanted a dog.  I found 2 mixed lab and shepherd and likely other breeds and they turned out to be wonderful dogs.  The oldest was 9 at the time.   The youngest was 2.  The dogs let her twist and pull on their faces without complaining and followed the youngest everywhere.   When she was 8 the brother disappeared.   His sister passed a year or so after we got her, but he lived 6 years and disappeared.   


We really miss him.  He was black and would quietly walk up to you in the dark and startle you.  He was the alpha dog.  After his sister dies we got 2 more lab mix dogs for 2 of the children.   The black dog was the oldest son's dog.


After a few months we decided to replace it with a lab and bulldog mix according to the owner in town.  They lived in a run down house across from the funeral home.   We brought it home and it was heavily infested with fleas.  We bathed it several days in dawn soap and it is better.   We noticed very large worms in its poop so we treated that.  We had kept it in play yard pen under the back steps until it was acclimated to us.  After that we noticed it nips my youngest heels a lot .  We pop it to teach it to stop.  Once it was allowed to go to the back porch it would refuse to leave even to potty.  We finally moved him to the front yard and it us doing better.   


My oldest son is teaching it to ride his atv and fetch deer bones so he can hunt deer sheds.  



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You referred the dog as 'it' numerous times but only referred the dog as 'him' one time.

So, I assume HE is a male.


You need to name him Stealth.    He's nearly invisible.




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59 minutes ago, Trigger Mike said:

yes, it is a he.  sorry.  my son named him Ruger

When he grows into his head he'll be a giant.


Love the color combo.  My chihuahua min-pin mix vanishes in the yard if she isn't moving.  If she's in the weeds even that doesn't help.  Her wagging tail gives her away a lot.  Of course being a gigantic eleven pounds doesn't hurt either.


I have thought of renting her out to the Department of Defense as a great camouflage pattern...or maybe the Israelis.







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