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I have some stuff that I no longer need that maybe someone else can use. All prices do NOT include shipping.

Lee 3 die set 32 S&W .32 H&r Mag no shellholder. I have two sets.         $20 each 

Lee factory crimp die 22-250   $10



If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

Thanks for looking.











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Give me a total price and I'll take the following:

If you have a Lee turret press I have some stuff that is pretty Interesting, It can be broken up but I'd like to keep the sets together if possible. two turrets for each caliber. with alternating dies. for example a sizer die then an expander die then another sizer, then an expander. this makes a continuous operation. On the other turret would be the seater and crimper dies. these are 4 die sets with a factory crimp.  $50 each  full set

1 full set of two turrets with 45ACP dies  

2 full sets of two turrets with 38/357 dies  

two extra turrets   $10 each

Bench mounted turret storage rack, holds 5 turrets.


Shoot me a PM with details for gold.  I can do check, MO, or PayPal--whichever works for you--Sp

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If it's still available. I'm interested in one full set of 38/357 dies, shell holder and turret. Is that $50 shipped?



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Well, I believe the two partners above me drained your goodies StoneyMike but if something wacko happens I'll buy the .45acp and one of the .38/357 dies and turret sets.  Thanks,



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Sorry Tully and Opal, all the turret stuff I listed this time has sold, BUT I do have more that I need to sort out. I'll try and do that asap and get that stuff up for sale as soon as possible.

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