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  1. Thanks John< I got in touch with Willi and I'm confidant We'll work out a deal. Thanks! Mike
  2. Awhile back there was a gentleman who had a Colt Lightning rifle in 38 WCF for sale, of course I had no cash then but now that I have a little I can't find the listing, If anyone has one that the'd part with Please let me know. I don't mind a project within reason, I can do some work myself. Not really interested in any other calibers. Thanks for the help. Mike
  3. Sorry Johnny The rest of the pant were spoken for just before you. all that's left are the standard wrangler jeans.
  4. Coyote, I have not heard from Jasper so they rare still available for you. I'll PM you the particulars.
  5. Jasper, not really, I wouldn't call them "light weight" but they aren't as heavy as the canvas pants from Frontier Classics.
  6. I got 7 pair of cowboy pants for sale all are sized 44 waist and hemmed at 32 All are $25 plus shipping unless noted in description. #1 SOLD TO COYOTE MIKE is a pair of gray with black buttons Frontier Classics #2 SOLD TO CHICAMAUGA SLIM is a pair of Black with gold buttons Frontier Classics # 3 SOLD TO CHICAMAUGA SLIM is a pair of gray with gold buttons Frontier Classics #4 SOLD TO COYOTE MIKE is a pair of Brown and black striped Frontier Classics. these are a little color faded and are only $20 plus shipping. #5 SOLD TO CHICAMAUGA SLIM is a pair of black with black buttons Frontier Classics #6 SOLD TO CHICAMAUGA SLIM is a pair of Wheat colored with copper buttons Frontier Classics #7 SOLD TO WHISKY DAVE is a pair of Charcoal gray with gold buttons Frontier Classics #8 is a pair of standard Wrangler blue jeans in 42X32. $10 plus shipping. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. the more you buy the better the deal on shipping. Thanks for looking. Mike
  7. Sorry Tully and Opal, all the turret stuff I listed this time has sold, BUT I do have more that I need to sort out. I'll try and do that asap and get that stuff up for sale as soon as possible.
  8. Yeah well, the boots won't fit my feet either. One of our local cowboys passed on and his widow and I were talking at our last match when she brought his things to sell. I had mentioned that it was my daughters first cowboy match and that I think I got her hooked but that I needed to get her a proper gun rig. Susan the widow then told me to take it all and try to sell it and get my daughter a good rig her husband would have liked that. So these boots are from the locally famous Ledd Spredder. a great fiend and a great man.
  9. I have a pair of boots for sale, size 13EE. For bigfoots among us! Here is a pair of Dan Post 2350 black leather and lizard boots. These have VERY little wear on the soles, and no wear on anything else. These are 14 inches from the heel. these look brand new from a smoke free home. $100 shipped. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thank you very much for looking.
  10. I have some stuff that I no longer need that maybe someone else can use. All prices do NOT include shipping. Lee 3 die set 32 S&W .32 H&r Mag no shellholder. I have two sets. $20 each Lee factory crimp die 22-250 $10 If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks for looking. Mike
  11. Al, I've been shooting Cowboy action just about as long as you have (20 years), I already have a marlin 38 carbine. The point of the post was that I wanted a Marlin 94cb in .32 H&R Mag. Not the "equivalent". I want what I want. I had one, I want another. While I get that they aren't the most practical, I still want one. I get to see the one I sold every month and the shooter loves it and shoots it very well. I'm sorry you had "Turkeys", but you post is not very helpful for me actually locating and purchasing the rifle that I want. just my 2c worth
  12. I had one of these awhile back but had to let it go when money troubles hit. Well ten years later, better job and life all back to normal and the daughter wants to start shooting. NOW I gotta find her her a rifle! I would like to find a marlin in .32 H&R Mag. I don't really need a full out race gun or want to pay for the the greatest action done by the greatest gunsmith if I don't have to but I do want to get a rifle. If anyone has one they aren't shooting or has a lead on one I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, StoneyMike Thanks to Marshall Fire I found the rifle I needed and wanted.
  13. I'll take it! Where do I send funds?
  14. Brass arrived today, Thank you very much!
  15. I used paypal Slim within minutes of him posting the code for me. Just making sure he new he got it. No problems.
  16. I'll take it! Just send me the code and I'll pay up right away!
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