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  1. Please pass along my condolences, and regards, should you talk to him again. Hoping things improve for him.
  2. I got a bunch just waiting to be cleaned. Might even run a couple test batches. That is if I don't just run the brass juice one first. If that comes out as clean as the ones above, I'll be storing those pins long-term!
  3. Well, it had to be done. Surprised no one has posted it til now. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=monty+python+we+were+poor+video&view=detail&mid=DD060CA70BE85FC47749DD060CA70BE85FC47749&FORM=VIRE
  4. I just ordered a liter of Brass Juice, so we will see how it turns out. If I don't ever have to sort pins again, I'd probably pay more than $20/liter ($29 with shipping)! Just to be fair, here's the website for Strato Sheen: https://www.riogrande.com/product/strat-o-sheen-powder-burnishing-compounds/33901725gp
  5. I'm with you Shooting Bull--the media separation part drives me crazy. Haven't found a way to do it that I'm not finding pins days later. Thinking I might have to try the Strato Sheen. Wow-just reading the brass juice testimonials. If it will work half that good, I'll be a happy, non pin sorting, reloader!
  6. It's okay to hear the voices, but I've discovered it's not always smart to repeat what they say out loud!
  7. Now that I've cleaned soda off the monitor, keyboard and desk, I can award you 1,000,000 s and declare you "Winner of This Thread"!
  8. I'll take it. PM me details. Check, MO, or PayPal?
  9. Awwww--that's cold, right there!
  10. I'd be happy to take the mag and bayonet for the SKS. PM me details and I'll pay the shipping.
  11. Oh--pass some of them over here, I ain't had none in years!
  12. What if, instead of total time, we awarded buckles at the end of every stage? That seems much more fair. That way, if you only blew one stage, you'd still take home 9 buckles--not a bad haul. I bet we could even get bulk pricing at Montana Silversmiths!
  13. @German Jim That's as good point that I hadn't considered, even after watching the video. Right now all I have that is breech lock is my Lee Challenger, and while I will admit that is handy for a single stage press, I can't say its an added benefit on a multistage press. I haven't missed that option at all on my Lee turret, but with that you either have to swap out dies or buy new turrets. Either way, that bumps the cost of a set of dies up another 10-20 bucks. I'm not sure which is better. Keep in mind that I'm only loading one caliber, right now, but looking to branch out into others. Currently my biggest issue is time, I want more bullets in less time.
  14. I’ll take it for 100. It’s worth that just to try it and answer some questions I have. I can do check, MO or PayPal., whichever works for you.
  15. ^^^^ That's what I've been doing for a month or so. Should have looked for it first. Thanks
  16. I thought that was how we were supposed to do it!
  17. Actually, my "I don't care what you think" comment was directed towards those who always take the opportunity to point out how silly one is not to switch directly over to blue. I will edit it to be "more friendly".
  18. Thinking of upgrading my turret press and going with the Lee Auto Breech Lock Pro with a bullet and case feeder( and my existing auto-disk powder measure). Anyone have any experience with them that can tell me what you think? AND before it even starts: 1) All my current stuff is Lee and I've been very happy, just want to go a bit faster 2) I know it doesn't have a powder check 3) I know I don't have enough money in the bank for all the same features on the blue one 4) If you absolutely, positively must recommend that I switch to the blue system, please clearly state why that is a better move than sticking with red.
  19. I'll take 'em. PM me the info for PayPal and I'll get it right out.
  20. He really had a way with women too!
  21. I managed to get a case of lice (not the head kind) once while hot-cotting with other soldiers running a Jump TOC during field maneuvers. I quickly told everyone who had come in contact with that cot and got my ass a hammock. Never shared a cot again in nine years. If head lice are anything like those in the nether regions, I don't think you are unaware of them, but I would want to be told of the situation is someone thought I had them. Early awareness is the best way to stop the issue and I would hate to find out that someone else got them from me. Well, there you go--I only have one secret left!
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