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  1. Do you feel warmer if you say it in Celcius?
  2. I'll take 10. 12 and 14. end me your PayPal info please-Sp
  3. I'll take it. Send me a PM with payment details, please.
  4. More information you will probably never need to know>>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jay_J._Armes
  5. May we all have such a Merry, and thoughtful, Christmas!
  6. While I agree with you, taking another's life is defense of you own adds a different dimension to it.
  7. Hey SB--You wanna sell off about a pound or so of yours?
  8. No pins, but wet tumbling works much better for me!
  9. Shoot the two in front of you. In the amount of time it takes for you and your partner to nurse your two canteens, it's a pretty good bet the other four are going to make enough mistakes to become targets as well.
  10. I will gladly take you up on your offer. Email is on the way.
  11. Just read this and thought I'd share. Sorry if it hijacks Alpo's thread. http://www.military-money-matters.com/salute-the-flag.html I think it's nice. Since leaving the Army, I've always felt a little disrespectful honoring the US Flag and National Anthem by solely placing my hand on my heart. I'll feel much better now though.
  12. I'll take all 3 pair. Send me a Pm with details. I can do Check, MO, or PayPal.
  13. I'll take them. Send me a PM with details. I can do check, MO, or PayPal
  14. I'm thinking they would have added weight to their argument had they been wearing clothing woven from hemp fibers instead of logo gear designed to make the university money?
  15. That's definitely a neat piece. I wonder what the story is behind it.
  16. I'll take it. PM me the details. Check, MO or PayPal, whichever is easier.
  17. Now, that is definitely interesting! The man has a talent.
  18. You will probably need to include more specifics. For instance: 1) What are they? Cap n ball, Colts, Rugers, Piettas 2) What do you want done? Tune them, smooth them out, time them, hammer conversion, cylinder conversions, cap rakes, transfer bar removal, etc.. 3) What is your ultimate goal? Speed, smoothness, style points, ease of operation, etc. You might be better off to ask for people that have a good reputation for quality work and, once you have two or three names, talk to them personally to determine what you are trying to accomplish and what you can afford. The reason I say this is because you can buy a pistol for $200 and easily spend $600 getting it modified in all sorts of ways.
  19. I'm traveling with Abilene Slim from here on out!
  20. I'll take 'em Boomstick! Shoot me a PM with the details--check, MO, or PayPal.
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