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Beretta Stampede 5.5 nickel .45LC

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Was just told that Beretta stopped production?  Are these still available?  Have a friend who wants a new in the box one with blue fired screws for his son’s graduation present. Looked on Gunbroker, no luck for that barrel size, Beretta USA.com doesn’t have it on the website. Anyone have a source?  Thanks in advance. 

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I'm thinking the Stampede has been gone for ten years or so?  He can get other Ubertis with nickle and fire blue screws (and without a transfer bar, I might add).

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If it is going to be a BBQ gun then here is a nickel 7 1/2 ... says "new in box" ...



Here is a 4 3/4 nickel ... (but not new) ...



There is a blue 4 3/4 in the classifieds here ... says "new in box" ...



... but yeah ... these guys have transfer bars ... 

Check out this EMF General Patton ... nickel 5 1/2 ...





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